Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday 002

Hello! Hope everyone has had great starts to their weekend and got up to lots of good things! I wish weekends were longer, they go by far too fast. I have had a pretty productive Saturday today compared to recent ones, I met up with a friend and did a little shopping in our town, got a few bargains book wise even though I set out to NOT buy books! I get so carried's ridiculous. My to be read pile is over 40, I have books in the shed because there is no room in my bedroom! Here's the books I picked up today:

To be honest I'm really pissed I've had to buy I Heart Paris ( I know it was from  a charity shop and not full price but still) because a good few months ago I was sent a book by a book publisher to read and then I had to answer questions on it. It was a rubbish book, I had to force myself to read it, and after I'd filled the questions they offered me one of four books as a thank you and I was so happy to see I Heart Paris on there! And it never arrived. I hate thinking your getting something and then you don't end up with it! But anyhow I'm looking forward to reading the two I Heart ones, I also love Harriet Evans books and I haven't read any of Miranda Dickinson's before but it looked good and was practically brand new and only £2. Not sure which I will be reading first, I should finish the book I started last Sunday tomorrow, Heaven Sent by Christina Jones. I'm a big fan of Christina Jones' books, or more specifically the books set in Fiddlesticks! I wrote about them here and the ones I already have, if you like magical romantic comedies I'd recommend them! 

I am pleased to report a third week of almost no pop. I have this week had two bottles of Diet Coke but other than that its been dilute/water all the way, yay me. I joined Weight Watchers this week, I have mh first weigh in on Tuesday so fingers crossed, I've found the diet so far v easy - so easy that I'm scared I'm doing it wrong, but I hope not. 

A pretty rubbish picture but this is what my BB is looking like now with the new pink cover on. But it still isn't working and I am so pissed! :'( Although you know, after having emails and facebook and all that jazz to hand for a year its kinda nice to not really be available. I'm using my old tocco but I keep just turning it off and it's rather nice knowing people can't get it touch! I do miss Twitter though :(

Love Film only sent me one film this week, but I loved it! The Jones

Has anyone seen it? I loved it, also I thin David Duchovny is pretty this weird?

Listening to this week

Bit of a mixed bag this week!

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  1. It's disappointing when someone promises to send something and they don't, downright rude imo and that irritates me more than not receiving the actual gift, iyswim?!

    Well done on the cutting out fizzy drinks, you're doing really well :). Good luck on the healthy eating too.


  2. I love the Lindsay Keld books! I've just started reading i heart paris but I think I've read them in the wrong order doh!
    Well done on the pop, thats fantastic! good luck at ww's :) xxx

  3. good luck with the dieting, my brother used to drink masses of full fat Coke and he stopped and lost loads of weight almost instantly, once your taste buds adjust I'm sure you'll find it easier!

  4. Ahh I saw The Joneses the other day as my sis got it for Xmas- really liked it! And yes- David is SO fanciable in it! Haha. Really liked the whole concept although thought the bit towards the end was a bit dark x