Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday 001

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far - this week has dragged like a mother! I can't believe only a week ago was New Years Day or that I've only been in work 4 days - I feel like I've worked non stop without a break for about a month. Today has been a pretty lazy day - I'm sure you'll notice a theme in these Saturday summary posts, I like to practically do nothing on Saturdays - just unpacking some sale buys from New Look and deciding what I want to keep.

Apart from wishing the week away, I made a Primark trip on Thursday - I can't bear to go in Primark any other time that after work on Thursday. The Leeds store stays open till 7 or 8 and is empty at that time, not really messy either as the stuff has been cleaned up. I got a few things, mainly accessories I think, I'll do a post later about them. 

One thing I am very proud of myself this week for is the fact that I have drastically cut my pop addiction back! I am totally addicted to fizzy drinks, I usually have two cans/bottles at least at work and then when I get home I'll have numerous glasses of whatever pop we have in. Over Christmas I was drinking like 5 cans some days :o Since I got back to work I have not bought a can of pop once, the only pop consumed since Tuesday has been a can on Tuesday night, a glass in Nandos on Thursday night and two cans tonight cos I was having a takeaway and I feel pizza cannot be eaten with dilute or water!! So whilst there was still pop there I am very pleased with myself. 

My phone broke over Christmas - in fact it's been jamming a quite a lot and I thought instead of taking it in and asking if they can fix it (I'm not insured) if I bought a phone case on eBay that came with the little screwdrivers you needed to take the cases off etc etc I might be able to fix it myself - I thought it might be the keypad that needed cleaning. It isn't, I am using it again now but I can't really type, the letters all jam and it's so annoying, but look and my gorgeous pink phone now - perhaps a bit tacky but I can't deny I love a bit of tack:

OK, my memory card isn't being recognised by my computer!! How annoying. Anyhow, it looks a bit like this:

I had Precious and The Back Up Plan delivered by Love Film this week - not sure what I felt about Precious, I did like it and did find it pretty sad but I don't think I'll pick it up again. The Back Up Plan however is brilliant! I loved it, Jennifer Lopez is so gorgeous and I love her in films. 

Listening to this week

Reading this week

and I finished reading Cecilia Ahern's The Gift this week, has anyone read it? 


All pics taken from various tumblr sites and weheartit


  1. Cutting out pop would make a huge difference. Sounds like you're doing really well!

  2. Well done you for cutting pop! I'm more of a tea girl, but when I'm being good I swap it for green tea. I know how you feel about Primark, I always feel like such a snob for not wanting to go in but its always rammed!!!


  3. Totally agree with you about Primark, I go to the Manchester one so me & the girlies have a night out shopping after work but my sis is coming over this weekend so we have have to do it on a Saturday & I'm dreading it. it is going to be a total nightmare!! ...but I love my sis so I'll do it!

  4. Well done for cutting out the fizzy drinks, i was drinking pop way too much over xmas and have definitely cut down x

  5. Thankfully, I've never been much into fizzy drink... but well done on cutting down on them!

    I love Adele, she's got such an amazing voice!


  6. @Victoria - Thanks hun, I'm hoping so! xx

    @ Dandi - Haha me too but it's ten times easier when it's empty! xx

    @ Toni - Ah,good luck with that!!! Hope it's not too painful xx

  7. @ Sadie - Thanks hun, Well done to you too! xx

    @ Vikki - Thanks hun! Yeah some of her songs are so beautiful xx

  8. I hate the leeds primark, I always try and go to the hull one instead. I really want to see precious, it looks really sad. Totally love Jessie J do it like a dude! Wow thank you for including my blog love x