Sunday, 2 January 2011

Pink 4 Friday?

2010 has seen my obsession with Nicki Minaj grow from virtually non existent to unbelievable...I am seriously obsessed with her.

I tried to order the Pink 4 Friday lipstick on the first Friday it was released and received an email saying it was out of stock and I would be refunded. As most of you know it didn't become available again until the final Friday, the 17th. I placed an order at around 6 am for one lipstick, nothing else, and the money was taken. Later that day I had an email saying...

Due to overwhelming demand of the Nicki Minaj Lipstick we regret to inform you that we are unable to include the Pink 4 Friday Lipstick/s within your order today. However we will still be sending this product to you separately to your order. You will receive the Pink 4 Friday Lipstick/s within next 14 working days.

So I was under the impression my lipstick would be arriving eventually. I logged onto Mac the other day and looked at my order history where my latest order, for the Pink 4 Friday lipstick, is stated as 'cancelled'. 

I just wondered if anyone would be able to tell me what they you think I have got an order in place and the lipstick will be arriving shortly? Or has it been cancelled and I need to email about a refund? 

Any help would be appreciated xxx


  1. That's so strange! They've been quite weird, like they gave me a wrong tracking number for my order and because I'm not at the address I can't tell if it's gotten there or not.

    I would call the customer services or something cuz that's not on! Has it been 14 days?

  2. No, not been 14 days yet so I know I still have some time left, I just don't get why it's cancelled. Yeah I've had a bit of trouble with them lately, refunding me wrong amounts and stuff. Thats rubbish about not being able to track the order! Are you going to ring them? xx

  3. No me neither, cuz they say as if you'll get the rest of what you ordered that time as normal.. just you'll get Pink Friday later. So nothing's cancelled technically, unless I guess you didn't order anything else with it.. I will do if it's not arrived, I'll find out in a week! Lemme know if you call them, best of luck sweetheart! :)

  4. A similiar thing happend to me, I placed my order on the first friday and then a few hours later I got an email saying it was out of stock and they would send me one as soon as they could. I heard nothing after that for nearly two weeks, so I kicked off with Mac as it was still out of stock on the website so i thought how am i going to get one if they have run out and there was no talk of a refund. I eventually got it via royal mail! I was quite cross as they normally send products out via courier, couldnt believe they used royal mail which ment it took longer to arrive! x

  5. @ MakeYuUp - I'll let you know :) xxx

    @ Charlotte - I was going to ask you actually because I remembered that Sinead said something about your order being weird, I might email them next week and just see. If my order is cancelled and I get refunded I'll be so upset :( xxx

  6. I'm absolutely obsessed with Nicki Minaj too! I love her so much and I am finding it impossible to get hold of the pink friday lip stick!! Shes touring in the summer with keri hilson. I think you should mac an email asking if your order is still being processed or asking for refund? x

  7. OMG is she? I need to get tickets to see that! I love Keri as well :) Yeah I think I will email them xx

  8. Yeah you need to really kick off with them or they wont get back to you,well thats what i found anyway lol x