Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mini Spree

Color Club nail varnishes have always been on my want to try list, after lusting over plenty of colours on Leanne's blog in the past, and over Christmas, with the help of my twitter girls I purchased a few from eBay with a couple of OPI's too. 

They were being shipped from America and came in about a week, and the seller combined postage for me. 

I haven't tried any of them out yet but I googled some swatches before I bought them and they look gorgeous. 

My friend had Glow Up Already and I used it last time I went round and fell instantly in love! I picked this one up straight away and then when I saw Simmer & Shimmer I had to get that too! It was the first one I decided to put on and I LOVE it, aside from the chipping factor, I'm finding it just peels right off! Bit of a shame but I do love it. 

I also got some dotting tools, I have been meaning to get some for ages and keep forgetting! I really want to get back into some nail art and Konad type nails, I think I want to get some new plates. I'm sure I'll be posting about it if I do! 

Has everyone had a nice Sunday? I've just had a gorgeous roast beef dinner, and I had a gorgeous bacon, cheese and egg bagel for breakfast, and I'm still under my points on Weight Watchers. This is why I can't feel like I'm doing it right, because I'm still eating nice food and being under points - I've done WW before a few times on the old points system and I hated it, I felt like I didn't have enough points...I'm sure once I've been on Tuesday and got a good result (hopefully) it will feel easier! 



  1. the OPI colours are so pretty, shame about the peeling though x

  2. keep at it, it'll be worth it when you see the results. I did Slimming World last year online and I lost a stone, once I am up and about again I want to restart it properly by going to a class as I've never been to one before!

  3. Right where do i start with the polishes you have posted today? haha loving the Turquoise shade and the OPI silver shade.. i really need to invest in those :o)

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  4. I love that silver glitter polish its gorgeous x

  5. 'Untamed luxury' is absolutely gorgeous! I know what you mean about the OPI shades, my friend has Absolutely Alice and it peels off very quickly on her xx

  6. ooo all these colours look amazing! i love the OPI!! xx