Sunday, 9 January 2011

Black Matte Galaxy Nails

I have been a regular reader of Emma's blog Birds Decorate Branches for a pretty long time now and when I saw her post on galaxy nails I thought they looked gorgeous. I've never been a fan of brown nail varnishes but Emma's post has made me determined to get my hands on a polish similar to the one she is wearing. 

As I don't own anything that colour I went for black - but decided to change it a little. I have been saving pictures of black matte nails for a while now from various tumblrs but haven't yet attempted my own. Here are a few I've been admiring - I don't have my own tumblr but I follow a hell of a lot on my google reader and don't make a note of who I got them from when I save the picture so if this is one of your own personal pictures please let me know and I will immediately credit the photo. 

I painted my nails black with a matte topcoat and then used NYC's Starry Silver Glitter on just one nail - I was loving the matte effect too much to put glitter over all of it! My pictures are a bit rubbish but I have explained my camera situation to you! 

The pictures don't look too good to be honest it looked much better in real life. This NYC polish is seriusly one of my favourites - I actually prefer block glitter as opposed to using it as a top coat. It's a pain to get off but this piled onto just one coat of a basic silver polish looks amazing. I really want to get another bottle as I'm halfway through my current one but my Superdrug has stopped selling NYC and I don't know why!!

I believe the galaxy nails idea originated from Grace from Arcanus Grace, who has a fab blog which I suggest you check out! 



  1. Wow these are stunning! I'm not a massive nail person but even I'm itching to go to the make up department!


  2. I keep meaning to try a matte topcoat - which one do you use?
    I love the top pic with the shiny tips.

    Thanks for your comments x

    The doll on fashion

  3. these matte nails look amazing :)
    definately going to try this out!! x

  4. That NYC nail varnish looks so good, it's inspired me to try glittery nails again this weekend x

  5. Never heard of the matte nails, i like this idea :o)