Monday, 3 January 2011

2010: My Year in Pictures

I may not have blogged a lot in 2010 (a shameful 48 posts) but I did take many photographs and before I transfer them onto discs to free up space on my laptop I thought I'd do a year in pictures post for anyone that is interested. 

 Phoebe, me and Lauren
Me and Jason Donovan -ahhhhhh

In January I was kindly invited to the Aussie Angels Australia Day party in Leeds and took my friend Lauren along. It was at Tiger Tiger in Leeds and it was a fantastic night, it gave me a chance to meet the lovely Phoebe again along with others and also meet some new people I had only spoken to in the past - namely Sinead!

February didn't really bring much for me, I was just getting to grips with living on my own and pinching the neighbours cat! Aw I miss him :( 

In March me and Lauren had a rare night out which was memorable for lots of different reasons! I love this picture of us we both look so happy! 

April was quite a busy month for me with lots of nights in, a few nights out and a lot of problems along the way - the above two photos are on a night out in Leeds for my friend Emma's birthday.

 I often call Emma my sister and treat her family just like mine - the above picture is Me and Emma at the back, Emma's two younger sisters Abby and Charlotte at the right and her little brother and sister Colin and Emily on our knees. This was a lovely warm day in April playing around in the back garden.

Colin sadly passed away in September aged 5 and it still makes me cry thinking about it but I adore this picture of him, he looks so cute and cheeky and I know we had lots of fun times together so I try not to be too sad about it. :(

One of our many nights in at Emma's house taking stupid pictures!

In the middle of packing boxes up to move to my new flat I had a lovely girly weekend in with Emma and Lauren. 

May was all about moving into my lovely new flat for me - Lauren was keen to help out cleaning the mascara I dropped on the cream carpet (OK I made her)

June was again a few sleepovers here and there, a few days/nights out along the way 

Me and Emma getting ready to go to Scarborough for Colin's birthday

I'm gonna split this into two posts as I don't want it to be too pic heavy so I'll pop July - December up this week sometime. 

If you've done a year in pictures leave me the link in the comments section! 



  1. Great pictures hun, i'm really sorry to hear about Colin, i'm glad you both had fun times together xxx

  2. What a lovely photo of Colin- so sorry to hear about him :(

    Enjoying these year update posts! x

  3. cute photos, thanks for sharing
    Looks like its been full of ups & downs, but everything happens for a reason & I wish you lots of love for the New Year

  4. Hey beauty,

    So sorry to hear about your loss, can't imagine how hard it must be.

    Hope 2011 brings you love and happiness (and more neighbours cats to steal).


  5. @Daisy - thanks hun xx

    @ Steph - That is true my love! xx

    @ Dandizette - Thank you doll xx

  6. Lovely post.

    The part about Colin gave me a lump in my throat.

    My nephew is in hospital at the moment after being born very early, I'm just one big tear machine at the moment!

    X x

  7. So cute!

    Hope you have a great new year!

    Miss Neira

  8. Lovely post, so sad about Colin xx

  9. @ Beauty Geek ~ Hope your nephew is OK hun! xoxo

    @ MissNeira ~ Thanks, you too! xx

    @ Daisy ~ Thanks hun xxx