Tuesday, 4 January 2011

2010: My Year in Pictures - Part Deux

July was a great month as there were not one but two Aussie events - one in Leeds, one in Manchester.

 Me, Sinead 2 (!) and Catherine

 Me and Liloo

Me and Nicola

August was my birthday month and I met up with Sinead and had a very drunken night out which I enjoyed immensely!

 Lauren made me a delicious cake and we went to Haworth for the day <3

We actually went to Haworth twice in August - over the Bank Holiday they had a Vintage Fair on and we loved it!

 There was a singer in the village hall singing old 1940's songs, it was just brilliant.

There was nothing much to report about September, I made some big decisions and as I mentioned in my previous post I lost someone very dear to me, so all in all my September wasn't a very good one. 

October was filled with once again packing my belongings up and enjoying a last night out with Sinead and Lauren. We had a very good night and I can't wait to do this again! <3

 I also saw Plan B which was just amazing. It even knocked Jason Donovan off the top spot in my life for best concert I've ever been to, and thats saying something (if you didn't know I was obsessed with Jason D, how the hell not!)

Had to include this pic because I love it, me and Lauren went out the night before Halloween and didn't take many pics but this was a favourite - even if Lauren is all bronzed and beautiful after just coming back from Dubai :(

I'm going to actually dedicate a post to November as there were two Aussie events that I haven't wrote about yet. 

In December I had a night out with Emma and her sister Charlotte

and it snowed like crazy!

Me on Christmas Day enjoying dinner with Mum, Dad, Brother and Nan.

Now that I've looked through all these photos there is only one thing I can think -I NEED a new camera!! Mine totally washes the colour out and I really want to get one in the sale! Hope you enjoyed having a little look through my life in 2010 and as I said before, if you have done a post like this leave the link below!



  1. oooh looks like a fun year x

  2. Love these types of posts! It's so nice to see pictures from the past year and remember all the good points :). xo

  3. I wanted to do one of these posts.....until I realised I'd done bugger all last year!

    Love these posts though. I love the photos from the summer Aussie events, when you start off looking all respectable and it all goes down hill when Liloo gets drunk.

  4. Love how happy you're looking on Christmas Day! Hopefully will be another year of great events we can rendez vous at :)

  5. awww great photos

    Love that white spotty dress your wearing its gorgeous x

  6. Great pics.


  7. @kirstyb ~ it's certainly been eventful for me! xx

    @ Emma ~ Yeah I agree! :) xx

    @ Missy Ellie ~ LOL. I know haha the drunk ones are so funny! xx

  8. @ Phoebe ~ I hope so sweet cheeks! xxx

    @ The Brunette ~ thanks hun xx

    @ Tanya ~ Thanks hun xx

  9. Aww Carla! Ive only just seen this post my lovely!

    Was fab to look at your past year in pictures :) 2010 was amazing for me cos i got to meet you! its been nearly a year since we first met! Especially love the last picture of me and you! Never seen that one before!

    Love you loads Carla, thank you for been such an amazing friend! Cant wait for out weekend in London!