Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday 003

Hi everyone

I've been very lazy this week on the blogging front - I've had a lot going on this week so haven't caught up on a lot of blogs, and I'm finding it extremely hard to write this one - I've had this page open on my dashboard for about 4 hours and I have written nothing! 

Todays been a weird day, I went out last night into Leeds for a few (read: lot) drinks, we were supposed to be going to Akbars but never actually made it. I was looking forward to it and could eat it now SO much but truth be told I am kinda glad I didn't end up going - it makes my worries about Weight Watchers easier. And it also means I've been ultra good this week, not going into any 49 points. I'm so hungry today though! Made it through the hangover surviving on diet coke and Weight Watchers Sweet Chilli flavoured crisps - gorgeous! 

But the thing that made it a weird and horrible day (along with the hangover) was the fact that - remember this post? The one where I asked for help choosing a camera, then went ahead and purchased the Canon? I haven't had chance to play with it yet so I took it out with me last night and lost it. I've basically taken £120 and thrown it away - I am absolutely gutted and tears have been shed :( 

My internet provider gets changed tomorrow and hopefully should go smoothly but if it doesn't go to plan I will be AWOL again next week! 

I'm super excited for this upcoming week - a four day working week for me, tomorrow I'm sleeping at a friends which will be nice, Tuesday is weigh in which I am also looking forward to. I'd love to lose 4 pounds because if I did I would get my 5% but I highly doubt I will. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday I get to spend time with my gorgeous bloggy friends and I cannot wait! On Friday me, Sinead and Paula are going to travel to London, later that day we are meeting up with Steph and going to Westfield, Saturday is IMATs! I've never been before but am looking forward to it a lot! Hopefully I will be able to meet up with lots of people - are you going to IMATs? 

I've been looking for some suitable footwear to wear while I'm there, I hate my military boots but I do wear them everyday and the idea of having to wear them in London is not a good one. I'm thinking of travelling in them and then changing footwear when I get there - I have spotted these today:

I'm going to go have a look tomorrow and hope I get lucky! Although I don't particularly have any money left because I am going to have to now buy a new camera, I want one before Friday. :( 

I don't have any listening or reading this week as like I say I haven't been reading blogs. I did watch this week Date Night and Revolutionary Road - one a bit crap, one a bit weird! My old crush on Leonardo Di Caprio has been resurrected though!


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First week weight in!

Hi girlies hope you are having a good week so far! I slept out last night at a friends house who has the most beautiful baby I've ever laid eyes on! I want one :( 

So tonight was my first Weight Watchers weigh in...and I lost 7 pounds! I picked up my Silver Seven half stone sticker for my tracker and I'm ever so pleased :D
If I lose 4 1/2 i will get my 5% goal which I am aiming for. It's going to be hard this week as I'm going out on Saturday night drinking and then ending the night with a meal at Akbars, an Indian restaurant in Leeds. I don't want to not enjoy my meal because I haven't been for about 2 years! I only like one thing on the menu anyway (Murgh and Potato) and I think I will get some rice with it and pinch a bit of my friends naan - Akbars do immense naan breads! 

I'm really chuffed with myself :) What is everyone up to tonight? I am currently watching Date Night and Shameless will follow at 10! Can't wait! 


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Mini Spree

Color Club nail varnishes have always been on my want to try list, after lusting over plenty of colours on Leanne's blog in the past, and over Christmas, with the help of my twitter girls I purchased a few from eBay with a couple of OPI's too. 

They were being shipped from America and came in about a week, and the seller combined postage for me. 

I haven't tried any of them out yet but I googled some swatches before I bought them and they look gorgeous. 

My friend had Glow Up Already and I used it last time I went round and fell instantly in love! I picked this one up straight away and then when I saw Simmer & Shimmer I had to get that too! It was the first one I decided to put on and I LOVE it, aside from the chipping factor, I'm finding it just peels right off! Bit of a shame but I do love it. 

I also got some dotting tools, I have been meaning to get some for ages and keep forgetting! I really want to get back into some nail art and Konad type nails, I think I want to get some new plates. I'm sure I'll be posting about it if I do! 

Has everyone had a nice Sunday? I've just had a gorgeous roast beef dinner, and I had a gorgeous bacon, cheese and egg bagel for breakfast, and I'm still under my points on Weight Watchers. This is why I can't feel like I'm doing it right, because I'm still eating nice food and being under points - I've done WW before a few times on the old points system and I hated it, I felt like I didn't have enough points...I'm sure once I've been on Tuesday and got a good result (hopefully) it will feel easier! 


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday 002

Hello! Hope everyone has had great starts to their weekend and got up to lots of good things! I wish weekends were longer, they go by far too fast. I have had a pretty productive Saturday today compared to recent ones, I met up with a friend and did a little shopping in our town, got a few bargains book wise even though I set out to NOT buy books! I get so carried's ridiculous. My to be read pile is over 40, I have books in the shed because there is no room in my bedroom! Here's the books I picked up today:

To be honest I'm really pissed I've had to buy I Heart Paris ( I know it was from  a charity shop and not full price but still) because a good few months ago I was sent a book by a book publisher to read and then I had to answer questions on it. It was a rubbish book, I had to force myself to read it, and after I'd filled the questions they offered me one of four books as a thank you and I was so happy to see I Heart Paris on there! And it never arrived. I hate thinking your getting something and then you don't end up with it! But anyhow I'm looking forward to reading the two I Heart ones, I also love Harriet Evans books and I haven't read any of Miranda Dickinson's before but it looked good and was practically brand new and only £2. Not sure which I will be reading first, I should finish the book I started last Sunday tomorrow, Heaven Sent by Christina Jones. I'm a big fan of Christina Jones' books, or more specifically the books set in Fiddlesticks! I wrote about them here and the ones I already have, if you like magical romantic comedies I'd recommend them! 

I am pleased to report a third week of almost no pop. I have this week had two bottles of Diet Coke but other than that its been dilute/water all the way, yay me. I joined Weight Watchers this week, I have mh first weigh in on Tuesday so fingers crossed, I've found the diet so far v easy - so easy that I'm scared I'm doing it wrong, but I hope not. 

A pretty rubbish picture but this is what my BB is looking like now with the new pink cover on. But it still isn't working and I am so pissed! :'( Although you know, after having emails and facebook and all that jazz to hand for a year its kinda nice to not really be available. I'm using my old tocco but I keep just turning it off and it's rather nice knowing people can't get it touch! I do miss Twitter though :(

Love Film only sent me one film this week, but I loved it! The Jones

Has anyone seen it? I loved it, also I thin David Duchovny is pretty this weird?

Listening to this week

Bit of a mixed bag this week!

Reading this week


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Happy Happy Happy!

For anyone that saw my post earlier this month here wondering whether I would receive my Nicki Minaj Pink Friday came! I did email MAC and explained the situation and she said it had actually been posted the same day.

I know it's so simialir to Gaga and I admit that a lot of the reason I wanted this was because of it being connected to Nicki but Gaga is my favourite lipstick, I've been through two this year, currently using one, have two on back more lippies that resemble the same effect are always a good thing in my eyes! 

Hope everyone is having great weeks xxx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Black Matte Galaxy Nails

I have been a regular reader of Emma's blog Birds Decorate Branches for a pretty long time now and when I saw her post on galaxy nails I thought they looked gorgeous. I've never been a fan of brown nail varnishes but Emma's post has made me determined to get my hands on a polish similar to the one she is wearing. 

As I don't own anything that colour I went for black - but decided to change it a little. I have been saving pictures of black matte nails for a while now from various tumblrs but haven't yet attempted my own. Here are a few I've been admiring - I don't have my own tumblr but I follow a hell of a lot on my google reader and don't make a note of who I got them from when I save the picture so if this is one of your own personal pictures please let me know and I will immediately credit the photo. 

I painted my nails black with a matte topcoat and then used NYC's Starry Silver Glitter on just one nail - I was loving the matte effect too much to put glitter over all of it! My pictures are a bit rubbish but I have explained my camera situation to you! 

The pictures don't look too good to be honest it looked much better in real life. This NYC polish is seriusly one of my favourites - I actually prefer block glitter as opposed to using it as a top coat. It's a pain to get off but this piled onto just one coat of a basic silver polish looks amazing. I really want to get another bottle as I'm halfway through my current one but my Superdrug has stopped selling NYC and I don't know why!!

I believe the galaxy nails idea originated from Grace from Arcanus Grace, who has a fab blog which I suggest you check out! 


Stylishly Yours

When MAC's new collection came out this week I had already managed to narrow down the list I wanted - I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of it on the MAC website and wanted a hell of a lot! I managed to talk myself out of some pigments and a mascara, along with Cockney Lipstick which is actually part of the permanent line so I will treat myself to that later. Although I don't actually think I would wear it that much, which is a bit annoying, because I want it so bad! Here's what I did pick up:

It's a rubbish picture, I couldn't get the camera to focus. 

To be honest, I don't know why I felt I needed a purple lipstick enough to spend £13.50 on one - I've never had or tried one before, but when I saw this I really wanted it. I do like it but I know it won't ever be a go to lipstick or one that I use a lot of - it is beautiful though. 

I knew I had to buy Something New once I saw the promo pictures - I am a tad obsessed with collecting pink lipsticks at the moment. This is a gorgeous creamy bright pink which glides on easily. 

The first time I actually heard of Cream Colour Bases was on Kelly's blog when she raved about Virgin Isle. I have to admit if it wasn't for reading this I most likely wouldn't have picked any CCB's up at all, and I definitely wouldn't have gone for Virgin Isle. These are the three I did get: 

It's really hard to get a picture of this - I didn't think it would be as orange as it is but you only need a small amount and it blends really well leaving a gorgeous coraly colour. I've read a lot more good reviews on this than just Kelly's and I also read it has now been discontinued from the permanent collection so I'm pleased I picked this up. 

My blush collection mainly consists of pinks and I have been keen to add a more red colour for a while hence why I picked this up. Along with the name - Movie Star Red, I love it! It is very bright but again a tiny bit goes a long way and it looks fabulous on. 

I ummed and aahhed about buying this as the picutres on Temptalia look remarkably like Viva Glam Gaga. You can wear the CCB's on your lips and that made me a little more less wanting to purchase it, the colour as a blush I think is a pretty dupeable colour. But I went ahead and bought it and I'm glad I did - it's the one I've worn more of since I got them and it a perfect day time blush. 

Did you get anything from Stylishly Yours? I noticed a lot of people got bits from Cham Pale, to be honest nothing in that collection stood out for me at all! I'm looking forward to getting some bits from Peacocky though :) 

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday 001

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far - this week has dragged like a mother! I can't believe only a week ago was New Years Day or that I've only been in work 4 days - I feel like I've worked non stop without a break for about a month. Today has been a pretty lazy day - I'm sure you'll notice a theme in these Saturday summary posts, I like to practically do nothing on Saturdays - just unpacking some sale buys from New Look and deciding what I want to keep.

Apart from wishing the week away, I made a Primark trip on Thursday - I can't bear to go in Primark any other time that after work on Thursday. The Leeds store stays open till 7 or 8 and is empty at that time, not really messy either as the stuff has been cleaned up. I got a few things, mainly accessories I think, I'll do a post later about them. 

One thing I am very proud of myself this week for is the fact that I have drastically cut my pop addiction back! I am totally addicted to fizzy drinks, I usually have two cans/bottles at least at work and then when I get home I'll have numerous glasses of whatever pop we have in. Over Christmas I was drinking like 5 cans some days :o Since I got back to work I have not bought a can of pop once, the only pop consumed since Tuesday has been a can on Tuesday night, a glass in Nandos on Thursday night and two cans tonight cos I was having a takeaway and I feel pizza cannot be eaten with dilute or water!! So whilst there was still pop there I am very pleased with myself. 

My phone broke over Christmas - in fact it's been jamming a quite a lot and I thought instead of taking it in and asking if they can fix it (I'm not insured) if I bought a phone case on eBay that came with the little screwdrivers you needed to take the cases off etc etc I might be able to fix it myself - I thought it might be the keypad that needed cleaning. It isn't, I am using it again now but I can't really type, the letters all jam and it's so annoying, but look and my gorgeous pink phone now - perhaps a bit tacky but I can't deny I love a bit of tack:

OK, my memory card isn't being recognised by my computer!! How annoying. Anyhow, it looks a bit like this:

I had Precious and The Back Up Plan delivered by Love Film this week - not sure what I felt about Precious, I did like it and did find it pretty sad but I don't think I'll pick it up again. The Back Up Plan however is brilliant! I loved it, Jennifer Lopez is so gorgeous and I love her in films. 

Listening to this week

Reading this week

and I finished reading Cecilia Ahern's The Gift this week, has anyone read it? 


All pics taken from various tumblr sites and weheartit

Camera help needed!

My Fujifilm camera has been a great friend to me the last couple of years and taken some great pictures but when I look at pictures people have on their blogs, facebooks, and when I compare them against the quality mine takes I think it is clear to see its time for a new one! I was hoping to pick one up in the sales but haven't made a decision what to get yet. Which is where you come in! 

I've narrowed it down to two cameras.

The Canon IXUS 130 or the Casio Exlim Zoom EX - Z35.

I really like the look of the Canon and when trawling through all the different kinds this is the one that stood out for me. But I had saved the Casio as a bookmark so at one point I know I really wanted it! The Canon is 14.1 Megapixel and 4 x Optical Zoom, and is around £130 depending on what site you look and the Casio is 12.1 Megapixel and 3 x Optical Zoom and retails around £65. 

I would be so grateful if anyone would be able to help me decide what camera to buy - I'd love to have a new one for IMATs to take some fab pics of London!