Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Weekly update!

Hey girlies :)

I haven't taken any pics this week so can't really do a post like before but I thought I'd do a quick in/out post as its late and I don't have time to do a proper one!


Gavin and Stacey - I had totally forgotten just how much I LOVE this show. It never fails to make me laugh and I have been watching it all these past few weeks!

Nails - Nail varnish is acutall cheering my up at the moment, painting my nails every night trying new things and trying to get back into Konad! (and failing)

Aussie parties - I am so happy to be an Aussie Angel and love these parties and events that keep cropping up! Looking forward to this coming Saturday to see my lovely girlies again :)


I've over-worn my contact lenses (again) - I'm sure I've mentioned it before on here but I HATE wearing my glasses and therefore I wear my contacts far more than I should. Wearing them too long starves the eye of oxygen and can create ulcers on your pupil - not nice. I have now had three and have had to wear my glasses non stop for the past two weeks. I'm going for a check up tomorrow and PRAYING that she will give me the all clear!!

I feel like a lot of things seem to be going wrong at the moment and it's driving me crazy!! 

When it rains, it pours for real right?

I miss my old flat :( I think it's just old memories, knowing this time last year I was just getting settled in and so excited.



  1. I love Gavin & Stacey its brilliant xx

  2. Yay Gavalarrrrrrrrrrr! Love it :D

    Ouch on the eye front - I read that and squirmed a bit, I wear contacts sometimes and I'm always paranoid about my eye getting poorly! Hope you get good news and can wear them again soon!

    Zoe xoxo


  3. Love your blog! check out mine-


  4. @Brunette - isnt it, I could watch it all day, seriously xx

    @ Zoe - haha I call all my friends ___larr haha,, my phone is filled with stupid names haha. xxx

    @ Ellie = thank you! Ill be sure to check yours out! xx