Thursday, 25 November 2010

River Island

I have a love hate relationship with River Island. At times, I adore it and can find so many things I want. Others, I find it OK, but nothing fits me and other times I think its just plain crap - too expensive and bad quality, I've blogged about it numerous times. However at the moment there are so many things I want from there! I'm going to head down tomorrow (payday!) and pick up a few bits, but I thought I would show you a few of the things I am lusting after right now:

Click to enlarge :) 

Checked Shirt - 26.99
Aran Knitted Jumper Dress - 39.99
Cream Fur Trapper Hat - 19.99
Black Aviator Trapper Hat - 29.99
Brown Print Top - 24.99
Grey Studded Slouch Boots - 34.99
Grey 89 Sweat Top - 29.99
Red Print Box Clutch Bag - 24.99
Coral Cropped Bow Top - 26.99
Brown Shearling Jacket - 65.99

Is River Island catching your eye at the moment? 



  1. I LOVE River Island, can always be sure to find something there, be it boots, a bag, jewellery, jeans - love it!

  2. I'm a bit hit and miss with River Island too - last time I was in there, they had some of the most hideous, tacky dresses I had ever seen! But I do like their jeans, their bootcut ones are a good fit on me so that keeps me coming back. x

  3. i so know what you mean - got a lovely horseprint cardi in the sales and its all bobbly already!!!i have that with topshop too.. ps i just blogged some winter fashion check it out xxx

  4. That red print clutch bag is amazing. I wish riverisland ships to U.S! xoxoxoo

  5. I feel the same with River Island!
    I think the shoes are overpriced and some things want to aspire Topshop. I like that they bring new's good to get a fresh air and unusual things.

  6. I LOVE RI! Their bags & jewellery <3

    I love your blog, it's so nice to see a fellow British girl doing so well!

    I'm new to blogging & I'd love if you could check out/follow my blog...


  7. I used to really hate it but there are some really good things in at the moment.

    Loving your picks.


  8. i always like river island, and i'm particularly in love with the new winter collection :D

    Check out our fashion illustrations at ! :)


  9. Me too hun, bit hit and miss. I tried sooo many of their hats on instore a few days back and looked like such a twat in each and everyone of them, hehe xx

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  11. Hey Carla!

    I don't know if you saw my tweet about my blog being hacked! Bloody!

    I have decided to come back to blogger with a new account... in the process of putting my posts from my old blog on to this one... so follow me at from now on!

    Cheers, Zoe xoxo