Sunday, 8 August 2010

Postcard Project 1 #

I recently took part in Nikolett's 'Postcard Project' as I LOVE postcards and the idea of a postcard swap with bloggers in other countries really appealed to me!

I sent out a card to the blogger I was paired with and also one to Nikolett to say thanks for starting this project, and last weekend I received one back from Nikolett.

A little story about me and Nikolett: Last Christmas on her blog she wrote about one of her favourite films, Serendipity, which is also one of my favourites too! Almost every time we spoke to each other we mentioned the film, and at Christmas when we sent each other Christmas cards we both (unknowingly) wrote about the film in our cards! 

Recently  have been looking continuously in brochures for America and last week was reading about Niagara Falls, googling it to find more about it and generally wishing I could go! The next day when Nikolett's card popped through the door...I couldn't believe it had Niagara Falls on the front! I went onto Twitter on my phone to tweet Nikolett and say a big thank you but I couldn't find her name for some reason and after looking for half an hour, I gave up and thought I would do it at the weekend...when a tweet came through from Nikolett herself!!! Talk about fate!!! 

Thank you for my postcard lovely! 



  1. I awarded and tagged you at my blog


  2. Aaw I saw this on Nikolett's blog, but didn't have chance to sign up in time :( But it looks like so much fun!

    Not sure if you have noticed, but I am back to blogging again... Trying to do my best to update often! Glad to see you are back at it too!

    Zoe ♥
    ~ ~