Thursday, 5 August 2010

Manchester Goodies

The only place I spent in on my trip to Manchester for the Aussie event was good old Primark, although I saw lots of housey things I wanted in Urban Outfitters and lovely clothes in Mango, and could have had a rummage around the sales elsewhere, I decided to be good and stick to the cheapest place! 

I picked up this denim jacket, as did Sinead, which was £13,

and this blue and white checked shirt, which I think was £6 or something like that:

Excuse the crap pictures, I really struggle to take mirror pics, I don't know how you lot do it, I always look like a right idiot and nothing like I actually look!

I also picked up these earrings, which I guess maybe a little chavy but I like my big earrings!

And this ring which I am in love with!! 

The earrings were £1.50 and ring £2.50. 

At the Aussie Event we were of course given a gift bag on the way out which had some more fab Aussie products,

A Maxfactor liquid eyeliner which I can't wait to use, and a gorgeous individual little gift! We all got different things, and I got a lovely little ring:

When I was taking pictures for this post I found some other bits I've got recently which I thought I would show you, these gorgeous earrings my parents brought me back from Portugal...

I've worn them so much, I'm having to put them somewhere I won't see them on a morning or I'll end up wearing them every day! I also nipped into Primark a couple of weeks ago and picked up this ring and matching earrings, but the earrings made my ears go a bit gross after I wore them, so I'll just have to look at them instead I guess! :(

And a little picture of the top drawer of my jewellery box after a little clear out :) 

I also picked up this Lacura Gradual Tan Daily Facial Moisturiser a few weeks ago and I started using it today, so if it is any good I will let you know! It smells gorgeous!

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Aussie once again :) 



  1. your jewellery box is so neat & tidy- puts mine to shame.
    some love things there mrs :)

  2. I love both those rings, wish i'd got the one from Primark.
    Kind of lusting after a denim jacket as well now.. xx

  3. I love that ring that is two flowers, primark do some fab jewellery and the denim jacket is so cute too - yay for primark! xxx

  4. I spy......I love your diamonte butterfly brooch and gold+black heart ring!

  5. Lovely items I love the rings xx

  6. you got so many cool items and i cant believe how everything in your room, and the jewellery is so so neat! xx