Monday, 9 August 2010

Make Up Storage *

Hello lovelies

I always find other peoples make up storage posts interesting so I thought I would have a tidy out of all my make up and show you all how I store it :)

I have two boxes - the one on my bedside cabinet (I don't know what to call it - bedside box?! It's not a cabinet I know but box sounds crap!!) stores pretty much all my make up and the one on the floor is lipsticks and nail varnish. Oh, and 'inside' the bedside cabbibox (!) I have my bangles (remember when I was obsessed with buying them? I swear I never wear hardly any of them anymore :( Need to start again!)

I try to keep my nail varnishes neatly kept together by what make they are - nothing makes me happier than seeing 10+ white Models Own lids liner up, followed by a row of silver round Nails Inc lids and all the Barry M ones *geek* but I usually make it all neat and then get an urge to paint my nails with whatever is right at the bottom, and end up tipping it all over the floor and then just throwing it all back in!

I just remembered I never posted about this, I found another nail kit in Pound World this time, and I think it's much better than the one I bought here from Pound Land! If only for the fact that its a better looking kit!! I'm so fickle

I used it the other day and it didn't last very long but then again I find little things like this never do :/

I swear my lipstick drawer is like the Bermuda Triangle (wish I hadn't mentioned that, everytime I think about the bermuda Triangle I literally sit for half an hour + just thinking about it and how weird it is!!) - each time I look in there I find a lipstick/gloss/balm I had either forgotten I'd bought or don't even remember buying! It's great!

I have all my facial make up products in the bottom drawer, my blushers etc (Yinka wouldn't be too impressed, I only have 5 blushers!):

All my eyeliners have their own little drawer on top, as do my palettes (currently being shared with some flossing kit apparantly) and mascaras:

My top drawer (favourite and most dipped into) houses all my eyeshadows and other palettes that won't fit in the other drawer.

I keep my brushes (not many, can't say I really use them apart from the basic brushes) in a little pink pot that used to be a money box until I altered it a little bit!

I managed to pick this up the other week for a bit cheaper than in the shops, and I am in absolute LOVE with it. The only problem I have is that I don't want to carry it around with me, but I use it to put half my make up on! it's so incredibly soft I have been caught just sat staring into space stroking it onto my face :s

If anyone is interested enough I will do a little post about where I store all my other non make up products, let me know!

Thanks for reading xXx


  1. Cute storage! I saw a storage drawer unit thingy in WHSmith just like your with a print on it, and once I've narrowed down my collection I can hopefully invest in that :)

  2. I love these type of posts too babe. Would love to see your non make up storage.


  3. I love these type of posts too babe. Would love to see your non make up storage.


  4. I love storage posts more please xxx

  5. Very nice I got the same drawer thing to store my make up

  6. very nice huge collection! love it...

  7. You have sooo much make up. I love it. Mines all in a beauty box x

  8. I love storage posts! I can spot a great big chunky coral bangle that looks gorgeous. I'd love to see your bangle collection xx

  9. neat and organised... mine is the complete opposite.

    Love a good snoop

    - Thanks xx

  10. bedside box?! It's not a cabinet I know but box sounds crap!! = haha :) god you make me laugh so much <3 x
    i want those boxes thing too, love them!