Sunday, 15 August 2010

Go Blonder!

I was recently sent John Frieda Sheer Blonde 'Go Blonder' Shampoo and Conditioner for review.

The products are described as 'lightening shampoo/conditioner' and the front of the bottle says 'gradually lightens blonde for sun kissed sparkle'. 

The product I imagined it to be like in my head was Timotee - the blonde one, I remember it came out when I was in my last year or so of school and I used it religiously! Although I can't honestly remember if it made any difference. 

I haven't had my hair coloured for...lets just say a very long time, too long! My hair has always been blonde but what with highlighting it more and more as I got older, and then dying it brown and back to blonde recently now I just get a full head of hair and get awfully dark roots when the colour begins to fade. I was sick of looking in the mirror and seeing a mixture of dark and light and I really wanted to dye my hair and make it more blonder before I started using these products. 

I picked up a L'Oreal box dye in quite a blonde colour - in the past when I have dyed my own hair I always use colours like Ash Blonde and when I saw all the lovely blondeness on the boxes I just picked up a gorgeous bright one. When I was dying it I kept looking at it and thinking, I'm sure this looks more gingery than it should, but I prevailed and in the end when I washed my definitely had a ginger tinge.  I washed it three times that day in urgency to fade the colour, but at the end of the day it was still tinted ginger - and only at the top too, I looked like my natural hair colour was ginger and I had dyed it blonde and let the blonde run out. I had in my head imagined having lovely fresh blonde hair so was disappointed :( I took a few rubbish pictures on my phone, these do not show how bad it looked IRL at all, but nevertheless:

And the next day at work (after yet another wash)

That night I picked up the John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo without much enthusiasm - I didn't think they would really work for me now my hair wasn't 'blonde'. Both shampoo and conditioner are a bright yellow colour - the shampoo more of a pearly colour and the conditioner totally reminds me of when you are a little kid and you're poorly, and you need to get that vile tasting banana antibotics?! Both smell pretty good. When I got out of the bath I dried and straightened my hair without looking in the mirror and afterwards I was really shocked - they really had worked! My hair undoubtly looked brighter - Itried to take some pictures but, once again, they were rubbish, so I have just the one. 

I have kept up using these and really am impressed - I have since read other reviews from people raving about these products, including brunettes. John Frieda products are quite often on offer in Boots and if you see this (on offer or not!) I would definetly suggest picking these up.

Price - £5.59 per 250ml each - currently on 2 for £7 at Boots

Rating out of 10 - 9/10 (Aussies 3 minute miracle makes it hard for other brands to beat, or this would have got 10/10!)

Would I repurchase - Definetly - and I will need to soon, as mine are coming to an end!

Here is a link to the official website if you wish to read further.

Have you ever used these, what are your views?

While we are on the subject of gorgeous hair, this is pretty much what I would like to look like right now:

I don't really like Kristen Stewart but I think she looks stunning here, and her hair looks so sexy!

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  1. Kristen Stewart looks really nice with blonde hair! She almost looks like Blake Lively :)

  2. Wow your hair looks fab hun! I think I need to pick this up! xxx

  3. Kristen's hair look perfect there.x

  4. Silver lining - 'sunkissed ends' are in according to Look magazine! You are on trend mrs!

  5. Loved this review..
    Just spotted their on Facebook to