Thursday, 29 July 2010


When Illamasqua released their last collection, Body Electrics, they so very kindly sent a few products in my direction and I'm so sorry I haven't blogged about it sooner! 

It was a very nice suprise as I really didn't expect to receive anything, so when my brother told me I had a package at the Post Office waiting to be picked up I was intrigued...

Or more like a child at Christmas when I saw the saw of the box they had sent the goodies in! A quick look inside showed me what I had been sent - Not only one of the nail varnishes that was on my wishlist, but the 4 Colour Liquid Metal Palette - again, from my wishlist! 

I was so happy! Few pics:

Force is just as gorgeous as I imagined it would be and looks fab on my toenails although I don't have a picture for you (no one needs to see that) and the palette is great too - although I need to play around with it more than I do and do some FOTD's for you :) 

A few weeks later a large envelope dropped through the door for my attention...I didn't have a clue what it might be...

MORE goodies from Illamasqua! This time a gorgeous eyeshadow and pencil.

The eyeshadow is a gorgeous lilac colour in 'Fallen' which matches the nail varnish they sent me last Autumn [link]! I love purple eyemake up, especially at the moment, so looking forward to using this. There are a few eyeshadows on my Illamasqua wishlist that I have not got around to buying so I'm also pleased I received that so I can see if I like it first! 

The penicil is in the colour 'Cane' and is a lemony shade, very pale yellow:

It's really creamy and seems to glide on easily; really want to practice with this and use this on an EOTD. 

Thank you so much to Illamasqua for the products; I really am so grateful!

Has anyone else got these products - I'd be really interested to hear from anyone that has the Cane pencil to see what you did with it! 



  1. that nail polish looks gorgeous! I also hear that illamasqua nail polishes consistency is really nice, might need to treat my self :)

  2. I am in NEED of that liquid metals palette babe! It looks gorgeous! Illamasqua do spoil us dont they? so generous! Love all your goodies chick!

  3. That eyeshadow is such a pretty colour! i love illamasqua's packaging its really different and striking xxx

  4. @ Danielle - It is so nice! Def think you need to treat yourself babes! xxx

  5. @ Sinead - You will have to come round and have a play with it :) They don't half sweetie! xxx

  6. @ Daisy Bee - I love their packaging too, it's gorge, def one of my fave brands! xxx

  7. You're so sweet! Thanks so much for stopping by!!