Saturday, 31 July 2010

Aussie Volume Tribe Weekender!

I have been looking forward to the Aussie Volume Tribe Party for AGES!! I booked half day on Thursday (the day of the party) from work and the Friday off, and booked into the Travel Lodge in Manchester, sharing a room with the gorgeous Sinead (@daintydollymix) and the beautiful Paula (@Sweetcheeks1910). I met Sinead at the station and we jumped on the first train that arrived at the platform - it wasn't until the doors closed we realised we were on the wrong train, as it was only 25 past 1 and our train wasn't due to leave until 1.40! Much swearing (and laughing) was done until the driver said we were on the train that went to Manchester Airport, stopping at Picadilly first, meaning we could relax a little bit! Although we were scared what the conductor would say to us, but he never came round so all in all it was just another laugh of the weekend! (I know it was over Thursday/Friday, but I'm just going to refer to it as a weekend, its two days, its the same thing!!) We got off the train and met with another Sinead (@ditzymakeup), Steph (@Steph0188) and Catherine (@perfectlpolished) and waited for Briony (@BrionyLou) and Phoebe (@Phibster). We then made our way to the hotel where Paula was waiting for us and checked into our rooms. After a quick unpack (well, unpack for Sinead and Paula, for me it was more like thrown everything everywhere but the place it should be) we met up again, took a quick piccie...

...and headed out to go get some foooood and do some shopping!! After a couple of hours we headed back to the hotel to begin getting ready for our night of fun fun fun!

Heading into the reception we met gorgeous Liloo (@tsunami) and all had a little chat whilst waiting for taxis to Bluu Bar (sp) in the Northern Quarter. We made our way downstairs to our private room, where we met up with Daisy (@prettygreentea) and her friend Gemma, Caroline (@Caroline1985) and her friend Katie, Jennifer and her sister Sarah (@Jenifer1986 and @Sarahbabylove), Jen and her two friends (@_alittlebird) and ... I think that was it for the Angels? The lovely Lauren (@Laurenmcbride) came with her friend a little later, as did Jo (@sweetmissjo) with her cousin and friend. Emma and Lisa were there as well as Nicola (@NicolaJ88) (horndog!) and the hair stylists, Amber Rose and Zara. After being handed a glass of champagne the night began! Everyone chatting and drinking, there was a fantastic singer as well called Shola, who was soo lovely :) Jenifer was used as a demonstration to show what the products we were given in our bags that night could achieve, and left with a fabulous hairdo!

My boobs were uncontrollable in my dress and everytime Liloo came near me she said in her sexy French accent "Oh hello! My name is Carlito86 and I am English!" Whilst grabbing her boobs - I have not laughed so much in one night!!

Paula had a lovely updo done for her which really suited her! I chose to have my hair done like lovely Nicola, a bit of oomph up top!

After Shola had sung a set on her own it was time for her to hand the mics over to us for a bit of karaoke! Our table wouldn't let go of it and sang almost every song, which must have annoyed some people! It was so much fun and I took a few videos of people singing along!

When the night ended in Bluu Bar we all headed to a bar in Printworks called Illusions I think which was a bit... well, it was OK but the bar woman was disgusting. She looked like a total tramp, knocked a drink over three people in our group and then gave them TWO drinks back (not three) and then had such a bad attitude with me I honestly wanted to hit her!! And I am not a violent person. Some people should NOT work with people, she was awful. We then headed up to the strip bar with ten random men we had acquired from Illusions and barted the doorman down from £10 per head entry to £5. Drinks were SO expensive... £10 for a double vodka! I stuck to my bottle of Stella (classy - I drank it in a glass and hid it when I wasn't drinking though) and then we got the hell outta there! We all walked down to Tiger Tiger but lovely Jo and her friends had to go home :( In Tiger Tiger me and Sinead took it upon ourselves to try and drink the bar out of sambucca, and we all had a good boogie. Paula to pack our suitcases and look after us, she's so lovely! Most girls had to get off, so me, Sinead, Liloo and Catherine went for some food and then went our seperate ways, with me and Sinead attempting to do some shopping - I say attempting because we both kept feeling like we were going to throw up, it is safe to say we regretted the amount we drank :/ we managed to get home and had another very funny train journey home!

I had an absolutley fantastic 'weekend' and want to once again thank Aussie for not only providing the best events and gifts ever, but making it possible for all us bloggers to meet up and become friends!

Sorry for the length of this post, I got carried away!



  1. Great post babe, it was the besat night EVER! we so need to do it again sometime, all of us.

    Love ya!


  2. I mean best not besat lmao. xxx

  3. Aw Sounds like a great night :) Emma

  4. Great night! Was lovely to see you again :) xx

  5. Sounds like you all had a great night! Lisa xx

  6. Omg your pictures are so fun! I adore cocktails, especially martinis!

  7. Ohh it looks brilliant, i love Manchester, the shopping is good shame you were to hungover you p@ssheads! x

  8. Ahhh! Looks and sounds like such a great night! x