Sunday, 25 July 2010

Aussie to the Rescue!

On 7 July Aussie held their Leeds 'Aussie To The Rescue' in the City Centre. 

Firstly, it was amazing to have an event in Leeds - every other event I have been to (apart from the Aussie party in January) has been London or Manchester and it often means I have to turn down invitations too - it was ace to be able to finish work and get ready and then just walk to the train station to meet the other girls! I finish work at 5.30 and we were meeting at 6, so I thought I'd have a good half hour to get myself made up. I nipped into Superdrug in my lunch to buy some dry shampoo, following a conversation with Briony the night before about how, as I haven't had my hair died for a looooong time, I like to spray loads of dry shampoo on the roots and not rub it in properly, making my hair brighter! When I got there I saw the new Batiste - Silver Shimmer. I remembered reading a review on someones blog about how it was a bit crap and there wasn't a lot of glitter in it, so I picked it up. When I came to getting ready, after putting my clothes on the back of my chair and deciding to do my hair first, I sprayed in a LOT of the shampoo, not really concentrating, and then picked up the mirror. OMG. As Briony said when I text her in a major panic a second later (love the fact that the first thing I did was message someone, not sort it out) "Do you look like a fairy?!" YES. Yes I did. My hair was like a glitter bomb had gone off on it. You know those Lush bath bombs that are so deceiving - you don't even realise that there is a lot of glitter until you've got out of the bath and suddenly you're just COVERED? Yup, that was my head. And face. And clothes. And clothes on the back of the chair. And chair. And desk - you getting this? It was EVERYWHERE. I had to frantically try and get it off everything and fast, and still get made up and get to the train station. And of course, as soon as I walked out of the door it started to rain! I was starting to get really stressed out and panicky so just made my way to meet everyone, a little bit later than originally said. At the station I met the lovely girlies Sinead, Phoebe and Daisy and just after we'd got a drink Briony's train came in.

We made our way up to the Serviced Apartment the event was being held in - The Penthouse at The Chambers, half an hour earlier than we were told to, and just hoped it would be OK! Thankfully it was and we were shown into the gorgeous apartment and introduced to Lisa and Emma, the hair stylist Amber Rose, the make up artist Cassie and the personal stylist Stevey, not forgetting of course my favourite person of the night, Ian, the cocktail maker! Every time I put my empty glass down within two minutes a fresh one was put in front of me. I think it's fair to say I was more than a little tipsy! 

The beautiful Liloo arrived shortly after us, and I think I fell a little bit in love with her! She is so adorably sweet - I was joking that she could stab somebody and she would still be cute and lovely, she's that nice. Finally Catherine arrived. Meanwhile, people began getting their hair done and make up, and speaking to Stevey about what clothes to wear! 

The few pics I took of the night:

Sinead's 'Crimp'; Phoebe's finished 'Cheryl Cole'
Briony and the stylist and Sinead getting her make up done!

I was the last to get my hair done (way too busy talking the ears of Lisa and the other Angels...oh and drinking cocktails) and when I sat down Amber Rose couldn't believe the glitter in my head! It was so funny, I honestly don't know if I will use it again! She did a great job of my hair, I was too scared to go for something major like Sinead and The Crimp but I had mine curled - I just sat down and told her to do something good to it! After that I went and sat with Stevie and probably totally bored the life out of him because I spoke soooo much. I think I treated him like a therapist actually! But, lately I have been stuck in a bit of a clothes rut, not feeling confident etc etc, not bothering with accessories and such, and he kinda pulled me out of it, and I am so grateful to him! Since the event I have made an effort every day (almost...days when you've drank shots of 75% rum all night deserve you NOT to do anything but scrape your hair back and look bad) and I feel great for it. I don't feel really embarrassed at my figure anymore, yes, I need to lose some weight but in the meantime I have some amazing boobies that don't deserve to be covered up in baggy tops anymore!! We were talking so long that in the end when I sat down to get my make up done it was 10.45 and I remembered I hadn't checked my phone all mum was outside the building waiting to pick me up! So unfortunately I didn't get chance to get my make up done. 

There was just enough time for our pictures to be taken a few more times before we all left (with some difficulty, we couldn't get out of the gate!!).

On the way out we were handed a lovely little goodie bag, containing some lovely bits:

I have used the blush every day since I received it, it's fabulous! I used to use a Rimmel cream blush all the time and this had reminded me way, they're so easy to pile on and look effortlessly shexy ;)

The lipgloss tastes GORGEOUS. What is it? Is it watermelon?! Someone who has it tell me!! I love the little applicator as well :) 

and of course our lovely Aussie products which smell divine.

I had an absolutely fantastic night, and was left so excited for the next event on the 22 July in Manchester! My fellow Angels are all absolute darlings :) 



  1. Fab photos. So pleased to hear you girlies had such a wonderful night :) xx

  2. I love your traumatic glitter story. You forgot to mention you attacked the hair stylist?!
    Lovely, as always to see you again :) I shall await your Manchester post! xx

  3. I keep reading about this night, it looks fab. The glitter story made me laugh. Get your boobs out Carla, you know i'm not a skinny girly but i love to show off my boobs! x

  4. Ahh you turned into a Cullen from 'Twilight' by the sounds of it!! Sounds like you still had a great night despite the glitter emergency! :) And I have no clue if Max Factor is available in Canada but if it is I'll try to check out that lipgloss and tell you waht the flavour is :D

  5. wow it sounds like a fab event! i love the pictures you took too x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  6. you proper made me laugh about the shimmering batiste! haha, I definitely wont be picking that up! Thats so cool that there was a stylist, and you looked super gorgeous in your spotty dress in the manchester event photos miss carlito! xxxxxx

  7. Haha, the shimmering batiste story is brilliant! What a panic!

    Sounds like a brilliant evening- I'm sad to not be in Leeds anymore! x

  8. @ Milly ~ Thanks sweetie :) xx

    @ Phoebe ~ Haha Oh yeah!! It was so funny, Manc post will be up this week! xxx

    @ Em - Your comment made me laugh SO much!! If you've got it flaunt it hey> :D xx

  9. @ Nikolett - Haha yes I was a Cullen!!! LOL! It's yummy :) xxx

    @ Missy M ~ Thanks hun! xx

    @ DaisyBee ~ Ahhh thank you sweetie! xxx

    @ Daisy ~ I know! :( I actually didn't realise you had already gone! xxx