Thursday, 3 June 2010


I know I just keep posting and saying, I'm going to start blogging again! And it just never seems to happen, it's so frustrating because I really miss it but I can't really do it at work (which I am now) and that goes for reading other blogs as well, I do still read but can't really comment. If I could just get the internet at home I would be able to read and comment and blog myself again! :(

Anyway I've been catching up on Emma's blog Passion for Fashion this week and seeing all her lovely (as usual) buys I thought I would post pics of some I have recently got. I have literally no money and my clothes are awful - my black cardi has a hole under the arm and I can't do anything about it!! I need a second income! Or a payrise. So my Mum bought me a few tops from Matalan when she went and I can only find this one on their site:

...and this isn't even the one I have, mine is green and white stripey. I quite like these colours too though! The other things she got me were a pink Tinkerbell t-shirt (this may not have even been from there) and a black and white tunicy/long top type thing. 

Just before payday I went up to Crown Point in Leeds which is home to a big New Look, George, Asda Home, TK Maxx, M+S Clearance and other good shops. I don't really ever go as I don't drive but my friend took us a couple of times, the first time I didn't really get much clothes wise, just a few homey things for my flat, but last time I went I was a bit more lucky. I had a good look in TK Maxx which I usually hate, I can NEVER find anything in there and everytime I am at my friends she has all these nice clothes, all from there, I have no idea how she finds them. I did get a few things to try on but they looked awful so I didn't get them. I did find a gorgeous Union Jack cushion I wanted but it was £15, which I thought was quite good actually but on the money I'm left with after bills there's just no way I can justify buying it, not when technically I don't need it.

In the Marks & Spencer Clearance Shop I got four tops for work, all £5 each and M&S clothes are pretty good for work, so I was really chuffed with this. 

In George, I managed to get this fab top that I cannot find on their site but I noticed Victoria from Lily Loves Lola wore it on her blog yesterday... see here (the Eiffel Tower one!) ... and a couple of nice bras and pants. 

I went in River Island originally to pick up this top I saw Faye Cavania wearing .... here ... but instead decided on these two tops:

I haven't bought anything from RI for a long time but these will be great for Summer and anything Paris or New York sloganed, I'm on it! I saw this bag on RI website which I thought was a good price too, if I have any money left on payday I might buy it...

So I know this might have been a little boring but I needed to get myself back into the swing of it! Have you bought any bargains lately?

Thank you all for still following even though I have been a rubbish blogger lately!



  1. Hi Carla i wass thinking about you at the weekend! How are you? Still enjoying the flat? I've missed your blog lots, not sure if you've seen but i'm pregnant! Bit of a shock but a nice one lol. I'm loving the Paris top xxx

  2. Hey hun! Nice to read a post from you!

    As for bargains... ebay is my bff lately, lol! :D

    <3 xxx