Friday, 4 June 2010

The Body Shop

At Christmas I was very kindly sent a £20 gift card. I spent £10 just after Christmas on some gorgeous smelling and saved the other £10. I was in The Light in Leeds waiting for a friend the other day and decided to pass some time looking in the shops, and I thought I would spend the rest of the value on the card. 

When I got to the till the lady who served me told me they currently had an offer on of buy any 4 miniature products and get a free make up bag. Each of the bottles cost me £2.50 and the body butter only £5 so I thought I may as well spend an extra £2.50 and get the bag! 

I've only had chance to use the Pink Grapefruit flavoured one so far and it smells gorgeous! 

The Body Shop seem to have some great deals on - when I was getting the pictures for this post I noticed half of the stuff is even cheaper than when I bought it! Have you been buying from there lately? 



  1. Ooh I bet that Sweet Lemon Body Butter is scrummy!


  2. That lot must smell heavenly!!! :)

    I should probably check TBS myself, I need to get sth for my hair and would love to see if they have any deals going on here as well...!


  3. ohhh i have pink grapefruit too! it's so delicious!!!

    but my dad says its a "selective smell".

    oh well, i love it! and i love your blog too! cute as background ;)


  4. I saw that offer a few days back too, fab!! I bought the coconut scrub and a cocoa butter as it was on offer 2 for £15, love the body shop products x

  5. I had a sample of the lemon body butter and didn't like it as much as the other ones. I bet that shower gel will be gorgeous though! x

  6. I bet they smell fantastic!


  7. The grapefruit one is yummy. I took that one with me to NY (and finished the bottle by the end of my visit). Not feeling the grapefruit scrub though. It's really runny! Using my Sweet Lemon and Coconut Creme on rotation at the mo.

  8. Oh I know what you mean. Pink Grapefruit smells wonderful!

  9. ooh i am gonna have to try the Pink grapefruit one, i recently got some neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash, it makes my face smell delish!

    lovely blog,