Sunday, 14 February 2010

Models Own

I have wanted to get some Models Own polishes for a long time now but I never got round to doing it. Just around payday when I had decided to make an order anyway they had a fab 50% off sale! So naturally I went from buying 3 to buying 9. I ordered them on Friday after the checkout messing up SO many times, and they arrived on the Monday morning. I'm the one to take the post in from work so when I saw a big box filled with nail polish it instantly cheered me up! 

So the colours I picked were...

Pink Punk & Lemon Meringue 

Fuzzy Peach & Orangeade

Blue Sparkle & Silver Spangle

...and my computer is playing up, so three that aren't pictured were Purple Mystique, Emerald City and Bluebelle. 

The two I definetly wanted were the last two pictured, I also wanted Purple Haze which was another glitter one (Emerald City and Bluebelle are both glitters) but it was sold out :( 

I've already had a little mess around - as Lemon Meringue and Pink Punk were wrapped together I liked the pairing and did a little Konad thing, didn't take any pics as I wasn't overly impressed. I used Lemon as a base and needed three coats to look good and get proper coverage and I just did some flowers and butterflies using the Pink but I just felt a bit like a kid, maybe it wasn't a good pairing. I put some Silver Spangle on the tips and liked it a bit better. 

I took it off and had bare nails for a few days  - I had forgotten how much I despise bare nails! They make me feel sick :/ I put Fuzzy Peach and Orangade over it and it was way too bright! I thought Orangeade would need an orangey colour underneath but I think it will be fine on its own...

Did you take advantage of the offer?



  1. Nice buys! The colours look amazing too!


  2. I must buy some of these nail varnishes!

  3. Orengade looks amazing! (Im pretty sure i spelt it wrong :/) x