Thursday, 11 February 2010

Footballers Wives

Hands up who used to watch this!

I was still at school when it first came out and loved it, I remember it got pretty bad ratings and I couldn't understand why! I loved the characters and it was all we spoke about at school. I gave up watching it after series 2 or 3 I think for some reason or another.

I am the sort of person to look for this on ebay and buy it to rewatch and relive the old memories! Thankfully, last night browsing TV I saw Fiver are showing this every Wednesday at 10.40. I spotted it and thought noo...that can't be the same programme....I waited and when it came on I could hardly contain myself!!

I don't know why. I understand completley whyt those reviews were bad when it first came out, and a quick read up on wiki today of the other series explains why I most likely stopped watching - it was shit!! I can't believe I liked such a rubbish programme. The acting was so bad and it just looks dated!  I mean I know it is, its about 10 years ago it first came out, but I was quite shocked.

Who else watched this? Did you used to like./hate it? Anyone else like me, used to love it and caught it last night? It was the first epidose last night so I think I am probably going to still watch it - I do quite fancy the guy that plays  Jason  and Gary Lucy is also nice, and it is laughable how silly it gets!



  1. OMG I loved Footballers Wives - am going to skyplus this next week. I do remember it being pretty rubbish but great fun! x

  2. It was so bad it was good!

  3. I used to LOVE this show, I never understood why they cancelled it! I'm going to sky plus it and watch it. Now that you say it had bad acting, I can see why it would be cancelled, I never noticed the bad acting at the time though. Do you remember Desmonds? I used to love that show and when it came back on Trouble, I asked myself why!? The acting was terrible!

    The characters look so dated, I can't believe it used to be the "fashion" back then. Having said that, Zoe Lucker looks like Karen McGuire from Shameless, before she dyed her hair brown.

  4. I loved Footballer's Wives - the ultimate trashy TV. I even have the boxsets... might have to watch again to see what I think of it now!x

  5. OMG!!!!!!!! i loved how tacky it was ( in a good way lol) i wanna but this now!

    They never did a FINAL ep like there were gonna either??? or did i just miss it???

    Respect ;) x

  6. It was trashy tv at its best, I used to love watching it. I had no idea it was being repeated, am definitely going to tune in next week x

  7. Ha I have all the boxsets. I love it! I agree that is very dated, and extremely far fetched but thats why I love it! Because of fiver I got the box set out and started watching it again! xx

  8. It's on tonight and I am SO watching it!