Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Ages ago I bought a Childrens cook book when The Book People came to work. I know I'm obviously not a kid but my mum did everything for me when I lived at home and I very rarely cooked so after having a flick through all the recipes were ones I would like to make and explained really well. On top of that it was only about £4 so I thought why not! 

I never actually made anything from it while I lived at home but last weekend I got an urge to do something and make something yummy. After a quick trip to the shops for some ingredients I ended up with these:

They tasted absolutely gorgeous! They were supposed to be chocolate and cherry but I didn't bother with the cherry, and I put more chocolate chips in than it said but I needed the chocolate fix! I really enjoyed baking them and it made me realise that now I've moved out I should really make more of an effort with what I cook. 

I've bought a few more cook books recently so I will definitely be making healthier meals :) (Although of course these aren't healthy, but a nice treat :p) 



  1. Mmm they do look good! I would have done the same and replaced the cherries- chocoholic! hehe.

    I've got some banana bread in the oven- it smells so good! Love to bake x

  2. Yummy!!! I'm an hopeless cook, boo, think i need a few cook books... xx

  3. I LOVED cook books when I was a kid... I guess I've always been food-focused! Now I'm putting together my own, which is a lot of fun.

  4. OMG cookies! Just looking at that post makes me hungry...

  5. They look yummy! I love to cook and bake too. I got a kids flip cookbook for crimbo hehe. Made Orange Spice cookies from it the other day and they were so good. I love how the kids books are so easy to follow. x

  6. I'm hopeless at baking.. even kids recipes are too much for me to keep up with!