Monday, 8 February 2010

Celebrity Crush: Mandy Moore


I feel like I haven't blogged in so long, I miss it so much! I've got a blackberry now so I need to work out how to blog from that (any help would be appreciated - drop me an email or leave a comment) and I'm slowly catching up on blogs from their too, I always thought I'd be able comment on blogs using a blackberry but most I can't, which is a bit of a pain! I think I'm going to have to star any posts I want to comment on in Reader and then wait until I get to work to commenting on them. Unless anyone knows any other way to do it?!

So I was off work all week practically last week poorly :( Poor me. I had such bad cold and felt so ill I cried! Baby or what. I don't ever get ill though and since I've moved into this stupid flat I seem to be constantly ill! Yes my love affair with my flat is o-ver. It is so COLD!

I watched quite a few films last week, including License to Wed. I've always thought Mandy Moore was pretty but I absolutely loved her in this film! I loved her hair.

I love all the headbands she wore! As I have mentioned in the past I have a little headband obsession and own quite a good few number of them. I haven't been wearing them as much lately or if I have it feels like its always the same way - hair just scrapped back and either a band or a black plastic one on top. Mandy's hair looked so gorgeous with the way she had it either down or up - I love that picture above - and it made me want to change the way I've been wearing my hair. That picture above looks red as well, although the rest of the photos and the film look blonde and it made me want to dye my hair red. 

This is my favourite picture and hairdo of the film:

Have you had any hair-spiration lately?



  1. aww I love Mandy Moore she's so pretty! and a walk to remember... best film ever!! I havn't seen licence to wed before!xxxxx

  2. She is lovely. Very natural too! xx

  3. Loved her in "Because I said So" Great post!
    Claire xx

  4. Ahh I love her! Although I don't think I've seen her in any movies other than The Princess Diaries!

  5. I really loved her in Because I Said So. I never liked her blond...prefer her as a brunette or with slight red in it... :) :) :)

    Happy Monday.

  6. Mandy Moore is so adorable. She's managed to keep a clean and classy image after all these years. I'm addicted to headbands also. I've got tons and I actually sell a couple of them on my etsy shop. I love making headbands, it's so fun. You should try it. =)

  7. Ohh i love her!! I was watching one of her films yesterday actually- weird
    She is gorgeous
    We should have a Mandy film marathon!

  8. Aww, hope you get better soon darling! It sucks to be sick :( and I don't have a blackberry but I hope you figure it out so we can get more bloggy blogs from you :D

    And one of my friends is the biggest Mandy Moore fans. I loved her hair in this entire movie ... I want to be able to pull off up-dos ... I suck at doing my hair, though hehe.

  9. I have a serious obsession with mandy moore lol.. her and liv tyler can do no wrong in my book!
    I am a huge freak when it comes to those two ladies! lol