Friday, 19 February 2010

Aussie Night Out

On 26 January a couple of lovely bloggers were in charge of organising an Aussie night out in Leeds. It was a great night, held in Tiger Tiger and it was great to catch up with the girls I already knew as well as meeting some other new people.

Here's some pics that I took...

Me and Jasey D

My friend Lauren and the Rolf Harris mask

Me...or Rolf?

Lauren and good old Harold Bishop

Gorgeous Phoebe

Me, Lauren and the beautiful Victoria

After the even we were kindly given a goody bag, with some Aussie products, a Maxfaxtor mascara an lipgloss set and a Tim Tam! (Very disappointed, I'd always wondered what they tasted like and as Kelly said, they are just glorified penguins!)

and it would have been wrong to leave a couple of things for the riff raff who came in Tiger Tiger after us so I pinched a few bits, currently displayed in my kitchen as so...

A little Australian corner! Oh, you want a close up of Jason, OK! 

I had a great time, thanks to everyone who organised it and it was so nice to meet everyone!



  1. ah but did you eat the tim tam properly??? You have to bite off one corner and then suck tea through's the only way to eat them. Yum!!!

  2. Well no I didn't because I don't drink tea! I tried to imagine what that would be like though! :D xx

  3. I love your little kitchen display!
    Was nice to see you again :) xx

  4. Aww, so cute! I admit that the only person I recognized (besides you, o' course) is Rolf Harris haha. I love your top and it looks like you had a fun night out, hun! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. Looks like you had a great time! Your skin looks gorgeous and radiant!beautiful!xx

  6. Aw looks like a fab night :). Haha I'm loving you and Jason :P. xo

  7. miss H is right - though you can do that with a penguin and it tastes just as good :) looks like you had a great night!