Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I heart you

In my last post I told you I'd picked up a nail art kit from Poundland and was pretty excited to use it.

I had a look through all my polishes and decided to use Barry M Black and use the silver/holographic love hearts from the kit. I sat down on Sunday night (probably a bad move to do it on Sunday night) and put on two coats of Black and them between 3 - 5 hearts on each nail, and a ton of top coat. I just kept piling the top coat on because they felt so heavy I was scared they'd come straight off. I took a photo but it looked pretty rubbish, so I've had a little play on Picnik and ended up with this:

The colour is really wishy washy :/

When I went to bed I noticed on the other hand I had managed to smudge half of my little nail off and all the thumb and by the time I woke up I just hated it. All day the little hearts were bugging me and in the end I spent my Monday night picking them off whilst watching Glee. I shouldn't bhave been so lazy but I was so tired and I never bothered to get the nail varnish remover out...cue todays nails after another morning picking the black off...



I am so disgusting, I can't believe I'm out in public like this today. I can't wait to take it off when I get home!! And as soon as I leave I am putting my gloves on so no one else can see!

So I don't love the kit as much as I hoped I would; however I think it might be because I put too many bits on each nail? I'm going to maybe just put on on each nail next time.

I'll leave you with some more things I heart...





Monday, 22 February 2010

Poundland Nail Art

I have seen lots of bloggers pick up nail art kits from Poundland recently. I had looked in my local one and couldn't find one at all, until this week.

They had quite a few of these little kits...

It's got a nail file, two orange sticks and fifteen small packets of little nail decorations.

Five packets of different coloured diamant├ęs

and various love hearts, starts and other bits. 

I'm really happy with this as the only nail art bits I have are what came with my Konad kit, so I have a lot more to play with now! 


Sunday, 21 February 2010


I have to say I am really impressed with all my Models Own polishes. I love them! I would have left my previous NOTD on but it started to chip off so I changed to this: Pink Punk. I couldn't get it a good picture of it at all so I took three in different lights - the closest one is probably the bottom right hand corner. If you look close you can see my Zac Efron wallpaper on my computer at work there ;)

This is three coats and you can still see my nail underneath but I didn't want to put more coats on, so it is a bit too sheer but the colour is such a gorgeous pink - the best in my collection so far. 


Who else owns this? 


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bling Bling

After seeing the state of my old phone after being dropped so many times I didn't want to have such a trashed phone again and thought I'd better buy a phone cover. I had a look on eBay and found some really blingy ones and really wanted to get one, as trashy as they may be, I love things like this!

What do you think? 


Friday, 19 February 2010

Aussie Night Out

On 26 January a couple of lovely bloggers were in charge of organising an Aussie night out in Leeds. It was a great night, held in Tiger Tiger and it was great to catch up with the girls I already knew as well as meeting some other new people.

Here's some pics that I took...

Me and Jasey D

My friend Lauren and the Rolf Harris mask

Me...or Rolf?

Lauren and good old Harold Bishop

Gorgeous Phoebe

Me, Lauren and the beautiful Victoria

After the even we were kindly given a goody bag, with some Aussie products, a Maxfaxtor mascara an lipgloss set and a Tim Tam! (Very disappointed, I'd always wondered what they tasted like and as Kelly said, they are just glorified penguins!)

and it would have been wrong to leave a couple of things for the riff raff who came in Tiger Tiger after us so I pinched a few bits, currently displayed in my kitchen as so...

A little Australian corner! Oh, you want a close up of Jason, OK! 

I had a great time, thanks to everyone who organised it and it was so nice to meet everyone!


Thursday, 18 February 2010

Thank you!

I meant to post this a while back but somehow the pictures never made it off my camera... The lovely Joanne from Music, Fashion Clutter sent me a little thank you pressie after buying something from my blog sale in the form of these gorgeous earrings from Accessorize! I was so happy when I opened the envelope to find these and have worn them practically non stop since I got them. 

Thank you so much babe! 


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Blog Sale Goodies

When you haven't much money good blog sales can be a bit of a godsend - you can pick up almost new products for a lot cheaper than you would in the shops and get that buzz you get from buying new products!

This month I noticed Katy was having a sale and I managed to snap up two items from her:

I got OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat and an Urban Decay palette - I can't remember the name of it!

I haven't really had chance to play around with it yet, I have worn a couple of the shadows for work. When I took those swatches off my hand I couldn't budge Oil Slick (the black one) at all! I might be giving wearing that on my eyes a miss...I don't fancy rubbing my eyes as hard as I had to rub my hand!

Then I saw the lovely Lionlovingtiger was having a sale as well and I picked up a few bits:

I always seem to wax lyrical about the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip glosses so when I saw these I grabbed a bargain where I could :) I cleared my lip gloss/stick drawer out last night and I was a bit disappointed to see that actually, instead of using all three of the S&G glosses up like I thought I had, I had only used one...I found so many more glosses I'd forgotten about as well! No more for me now until I have finished some others up. Promise!

I also picked up two Urban Decay 24/7 liners because after I got the blue one at Sarah's blog sale I loved it!

When I opened the box the lovely lady had popped in a Mac liner too... so pleased to open that at the end of the day! 

Thanks so much hon :) 


Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I feel like I've dipped my nails in glitter...green glitter...

and I LOVE it! 

Modelling my new phone there as well ;) 

I put about five coats of this over three coats of NYC Little Italy (A white polish). I thought I'd need something underneath to make the glitter show up - I have a couple of the Barry M glitter polishes and they look a bit rubbish on their own so I wanted to do a nice blank white with just some green over the top but when I started to apply it I realised it would look great layered, which it does. I'm really impressed with most of the Models Own polishes I got! 

What polish are you wearing at the moment? 


Monday, 15 February 2010

A January Round Up!

OK I am so late with this post!! But better late than never right? This was my post from last month where I round up books I had read, films I had watched etc, and I hope to keep it up each month. So here goes!

I've read

I finished off reading Where there's A Will which took me ages because I just couldn't get into it. I wouldn't really recommend it. I swapped a book I had found hard to get rid of on Read It Swap It for Daddy's Little Earner, one of those real life books about abused kids - I really don't go for books like this but the person swapping had nothing else I wanted. I read it pretty fast and managed to swap it for something else within an hour of putting it back on the site! 

These three were only little thin books which are a bit dated now - they're set in the early nineties on a chat room, where two people meet and chat in the first one, meet in the second and on the third - well I won't tell you in case you want to read! If anyone fancies reading these email me and I'll send them to you (UK only) as I'm done with them now. :) 

I raved about Paige Toon's Lucy in the Sky here and picked up her second book, Chasing Daisy a few months ago. I only got round to reading it this month and I loved it! I read it pretty fast and it was so good I didn't want to put it down. With Lucy Diamond's Hens Reunited I picked it up on Sunday night and just laid on the sofa until I finished it. Don't you just love books like that? :) I love Belinda Jone's books because they all focus on somewhere - I Love Capri, Divas Las Vegas and The California Club being the three that I have read, and the way she writes makes me wish I was in these places so much! I'm going to look at the other books she has for sure. And the last book up there is not a book, it's a travel brochure for America. That I have been reading before bed like a storybook, reading everything - I should know all the hotels, their pros and cons etc off by heart now. I want to go back to America so much. I can't stop thinking that maybe when my contract on the flat runs out I should go home for a while to save and then go to America. I don't know what to do! 

I've seen

I've watched quite a few films this month. With the bad weather there were some days I couldn't get to work so to me that's a good enough excuse to sit on the sofa watching DVD's all day! I finally watched and then sold The History Boys and Factory Girl; I didn't really like either of them that much but I did love the fashion in Factory Girl. I wanted to watch this after I saw Emma raving about it on her blog not so long ago! I watched The Breakfast Club too, it was OK .. I thought it would be better, but then again I thought it had Andrew McCarthy in and I was wrong. Andrew McCarthy is so cool.

I had a sleepover at one of my friends and we watched the three films above. Well, we watched Pulse, which was alright (I hate scary films) and then put Pandorum on and went to bed. The DVD player just kept replaying it and I had the worst nights sleep ever sleeping with it in the background! I couldn't find the remote so didn't turn it off and I kept waking up to new parts of the film. I still don't really know anything about it apart from the beginning, I had to wiki it! In the morning we watched The Invention of Lying which I had wanted to see when it came out and thought it was  a good funny watch. :)

On one of my off days I think I watched Where The Heart Is and Honey and most of the CSI Miami in one sitting. Where The Heart Is was a really good feel good film, a bit shit but one of those where you don't have to think of much and you just enjoy it! I loved Honey, can't believe I've had this for so long and never watched it. I had to buy Teen Wolf because I have never seen it! I watched the first; I love eighties films and Michael J Fox! If you haven't seen I Could Never Be Your Woman I would def recommend it! Even if you don't find it a great film it still has sexy Paul Rudd in it [Reminds me of you every time now Emma...we HAVE to have a night in with a selection of PR films... an evil black pixie fixie :)] I also watched CSI NY ...all in one sitting..yep...good times :) I literally woke up and put it on and just stayed there ALL day..but that's what you have to do when you're ogling Danny Messer ;)

January saw the return of Shameless, now in it's seventh series and not as good as when it first started but still a good watch and full of some fitties!

I also started watching Glee and The Good Wife, and got addicted to Celebrity Big Brother. I felt genuinely happy for Alex when he won!

My favourite film this month and one that I'd definitely recommend was The Wave.

It's German and subtitled, which I didn't realise until I'd bought it and come to watch it and I have to say that if I had known I wouldn't have purchased it. But I'm so glad I did! It's based on real life events about a teacher who tries to teach his class about dictatorships and it all goes horribly wrong. I've leant to my parents and keep nagging them to watch it but I don't think they will:/ Have you seen it?

Make up

I don't think I can explain my nail varnish obsession recently, it's crazy! My favourite polish has to be the Collection 2000 one I wrote about here as well as my Konad! I think my favourite bits were the pieces I picked up from Sarah's blog sale here.

If you want to join in don't forget to let me know so I can see your picks of the month!


Sunday, 14 February 2010

Models Own

I have wanted to get some Models Own polishes for a long time now but I never got round to doing it. Just around payday when I had decided to make an order anyway they had a fab 50% off sale! So naturally I went from buying 3 to buying 9. I ordered them on Friday after the checkout messing up SO many times, and they arrived on the Monday morning. I'm the one to take the post in from work so when I saw a big box filled with nail polish it instantly cheered me up! 

So the colours I picked were...

Pink Punk & Lemon Meringue 

Fuzzy Peach & Orangeade

Blue Sparkle & Silver Spangle

...and my computer is playing up, so three that aren't pictured were Purple Mystique, Emerald City and Bluebelle. 

The two I definetly wanted were the last two pictured, I also wanted Purple Haze which was another glitter one (Emerald City and Bluebelle are both glitters) but it was sold out :( 

I've already had a little mess around - as Lemon Meringue and Pink Punk were wrapped together I liked the pairing and did a little Konad thing, didn't take any pics as I wasn't overly impressed. I used Lemon as a base and needed three coats to look good and get proper coverage and I just did some flowers and butterflies using the Pink but I just felt a bit like a kid, maybe it wasn't a good pairing. I put some Silver Spangle on the tips and liked it a bit better. 

I took it off and had bare nails for a few days  - I had forgotten how much I despise bare nails! They make me feel sick :/ I put Fuzzy Peach and Orangade over it and it was way too bright! I thought Orangeade would need an orangey colour underneath but I think it will be fine on its own...

Did you take advantage of the offer?


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Footballers Wives

Hands up who used to watch this!

I was still at school when it first came out and loved it, I remember it got pretty bad ratings and I couldn't understand why! I loved the characters and it was all we spoke about at school. I gave up watching it after series 2 or 3 I think for some reason or another.

I am the sort of person to look for this on ebay and buy it to rewatch and relive the old memories! Thankfully, last night browsing TV I saw Fiver are showing this every Wednesday at 10.40. I spotted it and thought noo...that can't be the same programme....I waited and when it came on I could hardly contain myself!!

I don't know why. I understand completley whyt those reviews were bad when it first came out, and a quick read up on wiki today of the other series explains why I most likely stopped watching - it was shit!! I can't believe I liked such a rubbish programme. The acting was so bad and it just looks dated!  I mean I know it is, its about 10 years ago it first came out, but I was quite shocked.

Who else watched this? Did you used to like./hate it? Anyone else like me, used to love it and caught it last night? It was the first epidose last night so I think I am probably going to still watch it - I do quite fancy the guy that plays  Jason  and Gary Lucy is also nice, and it is laughable how silly it gets!


Wednesday, 10 February 2010

UK Beauty Blog Awards

Hi Guys

I know these posts are going to be popping up left, right and centre on your dashboard recently but I thought I would put my part in too and try and possibly gain some votes for myself :)

I have been nominated for an award, along with many other bloggers, in The Everyday Woman category for up and coming beauty bloggers/vloggers with under 500 followers. As well as the winner of the category receiving the award, everyone who votes could win The Voters Prize:

To vote, CLICK HERE, and if you wish to vote for me my ID is EWA1053.

Winners will be informed by 14 March 2010.

As I said I know that this is doing the rounds big time but that hasn't made me feel any less happy about it ... I know sooo many blogs have been nominated but I'm happy just receiving a comment let alone being nominated for an award, it's so nice to know people read your blog and enjoy it.

Thanks for reading! :) xxx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Ages ago I bought a Childrens cook book when The Book People came to work. I know I'm obviously not a kid but my mum did everything for me when I lived at home and I very rarely cooked so after having a flick through all the recipes were ones I would like to make and explained really well. On top of that it was only about £4 so I thought why not! 

I never actually made anything from it while I lived at home but last weekend I got an urge to do something and make something yummy. After a quick trip to the shops for some ingredients I ended up with these:

They tasted absolutely gorgeous! They were supposed to be chocolate and cherry but I didn't bother with the cherry, and I put more chocolate chips in than it said but I needed the chocolate fix! I really enjoyed baking them and it made me realise that now I've moved out I should really make more of an effort with what I cook. 

I've bought a few more cook books recently so I will definitely be making healthier meals :) (Although of course these aren't healthy, but a nice treat :p)