Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Urban Decay

For some reason I assumed Urban Decay nail polishes were expensive, I think because I find the other Urban Decay products are, I just thought the polishes would be around the £8 mark. I starred this post on Helen & Sheenie's blog recently as I loved the look and wanted to get my hands on it.

On Friday I was heading to the White Rose to go to Nandos and feeling a little down that I couldn't splash the cash, and I thought I would treat myself to a nail varnish. I checked out the Debenhams Urban Decay counter and couldn't find any of the nail varnishes. I went to eat and then we decided to have a look in Superdrug as I thought they were still on three for two so we'd be able to get more for our money. The offer had ended but we had a little browse anyway, and down the aisles they have some tubs full of random bits - lip glosses, bargain bin kind of buys, make up all broken that kind of thing - and then I found a tub of Urban Decay nail polishes!! I couldn't believe it - I have never even seen Urban Decay being sold in Superdrug and definitely not the White Rose store so I don't understand why they were there. They were also £1.99 which surprised me further!

I picked up four colours and two pairs of earrings (I *love* Superdrugs earring range!!). The colours I went for were...



(That's in the same order as the picture by the way)

I applied Cult as soon as I got home and here is what it looked like:

I love it! Although it reminds me of a Rimmel polish I also have (can't remember the name - possibly Atlantis?) However, by Sunday morning I think I'd kinda figured out why the cheap price range - it had almost all chipped off! Well OK, it wasn't that bad, but I expected more from it.

After messing around  and getting stressed to hell with my Konad (it came! :D) I gave up last night, took everything off and started again, and as it was nearly midnight I just went for the red Urban Decay polish: Kiss.

I don't have a before picture, but by 3 o clock today?

This is two coats and a topcoat. Why is it so rubbish - is this a well known fact  - is this why I couldn't find it when I looked previously - are my questions!

Heres a close up of the earrings I picked up also:

I think I've had about four pairs of the love heart ones - I always misplace them!

Soooo...tell me about Urban Decay polishes people!



  1. Ahhh I'm completley clueless to this too. I have NEVER seen Urban Decay in superdrug either like EVER! Sure great finds :)

  2. Score! These are great colors!

  3. Yay for amazing sales bargains!


  4. Oh how disappointing. I was just thinking what amazing colours they were. But I hate ones that chip easily.

  5. oaft just glad it was £1.99 of your money huh? what a total let down!

    I have only every tried the urban decay eye pencils & LOVED them

    Roll on pay day eh x

  6. £1.99 is an amazing deal! The gold one looks particularly gorgeous :)

  7. i love urban decays eye liners! I got a pack of 9 when i was in the states recently and they go on so smooth and last forever! xo

  8. They chipped really quickly :( I love the colors though. Your earrings are super cute!

  9. Great buys hun, love it when things are such a bargain! :)
    Just noticed that you are also a fellow Leeds girl :)
    Are you coming to the aussie night out in Leeds? If so, see you there!

  10. Those are great colours and I like the price.

    Kate xx

  11. I love the colours and the price, but such a shame that they chip so easily! I'd have to carry them round with me so I could touch up, I hate having chipped nails! xx

  12. Lovely colours... shame about them chipping though :( I have a metallic mauve colour and that one chips terribly too :( Who knows why?

  13. Wow! bargain nail varnishes, but I spose if they chip too easy, that's why their a bargain.
    I really love that teal coloured one.

  14. I've never used Urban Decay... I always use OPI... my favorite nail polish brand ever!!

    These colors look nice though...

  15. Aww, it's a shame that such a nice colour chips so quickly! Weird that Urban Decay has topnotch make-up products, but rubbish nail polish, by the looks of it!

    I'm looking for a nice polish to go along with a brown dress I just purchased. Any recommendations, girly? :) Hope you have a great start to your weekend!

  16. Never tried them, but I *LOOOOVE* that holographic green!!!!
    I 'd probably re-apply top coat every day to make it last, it's such a gorgeous colour!


  17. I don't know why but i have never really been a fan of Urban Decay & i am yet to try anything from their product range. (I have my eye on their Alice in Wonderland special though) ... Have you tried any of Eyeko nail polishes? They are roughly the same price or maybe a £1 more? but they are such good quality for the low price & the polish seems to last a good time on my nails before chipping

  18. Wow, lucky you finding them in Superdrug.....I have been trying to find Urban decay polishes too, but now Im not so fussed, after seeing how fast they chipped. I thought my Nails Inc one was bad lasting 24 hours.....still adore Urban Decay 24/7 liners and the eyeshadow palettes :o)

  19. How weird i've NEVER seen those for sale in the White Rose superdrug and i'm there loads. The colours are fab, shame about the staying power though x

  20. The White Rose as in the White Rose in Leeds? If so I'm going there tomorrow to spend a £20 Warehouse voucher I've got ;-)

    I love Urban Decay but I'm disappointed if their nail varnishes chip so badly. Gorgeous colours though.

    Kate x

  21. @ Alice ~ Thanks! x

    @ KLaw ~ Thanks! x

    @ Cat ~We all love a bargain! :D xx

    @ *R* ~ I know, me too :/ x


  22. @ MFC ~ I got a pencil recently and love that x

    @ Goldyrocks ~ I've not had chance to use it yet x

    @ Adele ~ I want the pack of about 11 I think you can get here! x

    @ Bug ~ Aw thanks! xx

  23. @ *Dainty* Dollymix* ~ Love finding new Leeds girlies :) xx

    @ Kate ~ Cheers hon! xx

    @ Kate ~ Yeah thats what I've had to do, bit of a farce though! x

    @ Zoe ~ It's such a shame isn't it! xx

  24. @ Shopaholic ~ Mm, I guess so! Thanks xx

    @ KS ~ I've never used OPI! Thanks xx

    @ Nikolett ~ I know right?! I'll email you :D xx

    @ Tina MBC ~ One minute its there and the next its gone - its so annoying!! Hope you're good hon xx

  25. @ Princess Sparkles ~ Yeah I have my eye on that too :D No not tried Eyeko before, I keep meaning to have a look xx

    @ Baby D ~ I love Nail Inc ones, love the 24/7 liners too :) xx

    @ Em x ~ I know! I have never either!! Are you coming on Tuesday? xx

    @ Kate ~ Yeah Leeds White Rose :) xx

  26. BLEURGH! I hate the UD polishes.
    This was my sad little story about them

    They put me off UD for life.