Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I've been really lazy recently with being tagged and awarded things and not posting them straight away, so I thought I'd get on with some of it now :)

Way back in November (!) the lovely Sophie tagged me in this post. I've seen it on a few blogs, and the idea is to pick your top product for each section - haircare, skincare and make up - which costs under a fiver.


At the moment my hair is incredibly hard to get a brush through - my hair is literally washed and left to dry naturally without even brushing it then in the morning tied up in a messy up do all the time. On the rare occasions when I do want to wear it down I need a good dollop of Aussies Three Minute Miracle left to soak in for a bit before washing it out to find lovely smooth hair that a brush will go through with minimal effort, leaving lovely frizz free hair. Until the next time I wash it.


I struggled a bit finding something for this and in the end I went for Garnier Pure Active Moisturiser. It smells nice, it lasts good length of time and it is something I will definitely repurchase.

Make Up

I think, if I had £5 in my purse to buy make up, I would definitely pick up a Sleek palette. These are just fab! Here's my currently most used one, Sunset.

I know that quite a few people have already done this so feel free to tag yourself!

I was also awarded The Haute Mess Award and One Lovely Blog Award from Becca, Sadie and Laura. I am so sorry but I cannot get into my reader without it messing up and I can't see who gave me the Haute Mess Award! :( I'm sorry.

Thanks girlies :)



  1. Y'know something, all I've heard is brillaint things about Aussie's 3min miracle..

    I was really dissapointed with it. I don't knwo if its my hair type or what, but it made my hair frizzier than usual.


  2. I'm loving my Sleek palette too! x

  3. that sleek palette looks so beautiful. all those colors are really pretty.



  4. I've got to try this 3 minute miracle stuff! I hear nothing but positive feedback :)

  5. @ Lauren ~ Aww, some things just aren't meant for certain hair types I guess :/ xx

  6. @ *R* ~ They are so my best discovery of 2009!! xx

  7. @ Greer ~ It's a lovely palette, so bright! xx

  8. @ Bohns ~ Yeah! Defo try it out, I love it! :) xx