Thursday, 7 January 2010

Strike a Pose

January is a bit of a tight month for spending, especially for me at the moment anyway, so I've been hoping to get some goodies from peoples blogs sales but haven't had any luck yet and found anything I *really* want. So I was pleased to see Sarah's blog sale last week.

I managed to pick up MAC's Strike A Pose (I can't remember what collection it was from but I wanted it as soon as I saw Ritchie Nickle's video) and an Urban Decay 24/7 mini liner. I've wanted to try these liners for a while - I was going to buy the set in the ASOS sale and I decided not to because knowing my luck I would hate them and not be able to use them! 

Sarah also included a gorgeous pigment of a blush in there which I can't wait to use! 

I had to squash the swatches on my knuckles as this is what the rest of my arm looks like...

I have been playing around with my bluey eyeliners and shadows all day! 

I can't wait to wear this blush (I wanted to wear it today but didn't manage to get up for work in time!!)

Have you picked up any blog sale bargains recently?



  1. Ohh lovely :}

    yeahh i know money wise i have £2.22 in my bank til end of next week.
    fail :( xx

  2. What a fab eyeshadow colour x

  3. Yay glad you like them xx The blush is from Lumiere beauty and if you contact them they often send you products to review on your blog for free, they aren't a PR company or anything they just have a section on their website where you can apply to be a 'tester' so cool! Maybe give it a look if you are a bit tight on the pennies at the mo they sent me some awesome samples I loved them so much I made an order

  4. great colours, I love how you try loads of different colours and shake up your make up... (ooh that rhymes!) I'm such a boring make up person, same old same old every day! You have inspired me to try some new looks

  5. The blush is gorgeous :) <3

  6. Strike a Pose is a fab colour. I swear I haven't used mine yet! Ooops. Lovely blush too x

  7. I have strike a pose and I love it. It makes an awesome dark smokey eye that's a little different from your standard grays and silvers.