Sunday, 24 January 2010

Konad #3

I did this earlier this week using Nail Inc (In Style Coral I think it was) and the Konad special polish. I put a diamante on the centre of the flowers on each thumb and I did really like it, I just hated the base polish I used. It needed two coats to look half decent but then it kind of seemed too thick - can you see on the thumb and ring finger how on the tips it has chipped? I usually love Nails Inc polishes so this was a major disappointment for me :(

I'm being so lazy this week, bearing in mind this chipped on Wednesday after application on Tuesday, I had planned to re-do another design on the Thursday night but you know those nights you just kind of get stuck on the sofa watching TV etc? I suceeded in peeling the entire polish of both thumbs (and by this stage it had chipped from a lot of other nails too) and then fell asleep so I went to work Friday with half my hands painted and thumbs unpainted and just painted one coat on them in the pub on Friday night. I meant to do them on Saturday but again I just....didn't. So now I am sat here with two fingers on each hand pulled off and the rest chipped - I NEED to paint them when I get home!

I have no idea what rabble I've just written. I am falling asleep! I'm having really bad dreams at the moment and it's making me so tired in the day, last night someone in my building must have been having a parrrrrtayyyyyy because the music was going till at least half 2, when I eventually fell asleep, and then I woke up at 9.30 in tears after having a really bad dream for the third night in a row...better luck tonight I hope :(



  1. I think the colour looks great, shame that it chipped. I keep meaning to try some nails inc polishes at some point, but haven't found any colours that stand out for me. The konad looks great too, where do you get your konad stuff from?

    I hope the dreams get better. I am having trouble sleeing right now (due to exams), and so bad dreams are a regular occurance. I find some relaxing stretching exercises and caffine free herbal tea is a great help mind.


  2. How annoying about the nails inc polish, the design looks fab. I'm sorry about your dreams hun, i get nightmares when i'm stressed about something. Could it be something like that? x

  3. On the bright side it looks like an amazing Konad application!!! ;)


  4. Shame about the chipping but they look fab on your pic. I get bad dreams quite a lot if i'm stressed out, seeing as i'm really stressed at the mo i'm having a lot :( I hope yours have stopped this week.

    Also, I'm not going tonight, can't face it, but i'm really sad not to be getting to meet you, and Victoria too cos she's been lovely and really understanding about me not going.

  5. Cute! I wish I had the patience (and the nails!) to be able to do that!!xx

  6. I love the nails! I'd do that but I chew my nails so they'd get messed up.

  7. Thank you for the lovely comment gorgeous!

    It was amazing meeting you to babe! You and your friend are fab! :)

    I had such an amazing night!

    <3 xoxoxo

  8. Well, not bad, I think it looks cute. I didn't notice the chip til you mentioned it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Ahh your nails look beautiful! I didn't really notice the chip at first! :)