Sunday, 17 January 2010

Konad #1 and #2

As I mentioned earlier this week, I finally ordered a Konad after Christmas and it arrived last week. The kit I ordered came with the scraper, stamper, three Konad special polishes - red, white and blue - and two image plates. I ordered two extra plates when I bought it so the plates I ended up with are...



My favourite, or the only two I have actually used yet, are M57 and M3 (the right hand two).

The pictures I've taken are really, really rubbish so I apologise, but I wanted to post some and show how I'd done.

The first time I gave it a go was last Sunday and I picked the polish I got for Christmas...

...Foxglove from Virgin Vie. This looks so much better on, it is a gorgeous pink colour, and although I own a lot of pink polishes this has jumped straight to the top of the lot as my favourite. As for the Konad Image Plate I used, I went for the stars on M3. I didn't want to do a full plate for my first try and I wasn't bothered about the stars being in exactly the same place on each nail so I thought it would be easier to do.

So, here are the pictures I took of my first attempt at Konading my nails!

The colour of the polish is just not coming out right on these photos, it is gorgeous IRL. Mid week I attempted to give it another go. and I got SO stressed out! I wanted to do Barry M Pink Flamingo as a base and Barry M's black over the top, using one of the full image plates. I could NOT get the hang of it at all, the black polish hardly showed up and the base coat just kept smudging/would NOT dry!! In the end I took it all off and ended up with the Urban Decay polish I showed in my last post. When that chipped off I again tried to give Konad another go and failed. Again. I bought two Collection 2000 polishes last week after seeing one on Leanne's blog and couldn't resist the other as it was gorgeous!

It looks great in the bottle but when I had it on...I don't think it really suits me, it looked awful. I ended up just putting the same design on as when I used the Virgin Vie, the stars, and I didn't take a photo as it was awful. In fact, on Saturday morning, one of my tweets was...

So as soon as I could I whipped it off and applied the other Collection 2000 polish I'd bought and after messing around for a while I ended up with this.


It is by no means perfect and you can see all the imperfections on it but...I like it, and for someone who is useless with things like this I'm quite pleased with it. :)

I am so sorry for the amount of pictures in this post! Leave a comment if you made it this far!!



  1. You did really well!! It looks really neat to me! xx

  2. fab I got a kit for Christmas but my nails are so short at the mo I am trying to grow them a bit before I give it a go

  3. It looks really nice, I have the same plate as you - I did leopard print nails last week (you can see them on my blog) I love the blue and white ones - i'll have to do something similar!

  4. don't be discouraged, you did really well Hun.
    Konad can be a bit iffy to start with, but you will soon get used to it. It is easier with the special polishes,other polishes are a case of trial and error. Just try to have fun with it. The full nail design you did (fishnet) is amongst one of the harder ones to do, so you actually did great! Took me ages before I was brave enough to try the full nail ones. :o)

  5. Yay, Loving your first tries! :D

  6. lovely! How does that work???

  7. wow that looks ace. i like the one with the stars, heart and bows so cute... Where did you purchase from & how much if you don't mind me askin?

  8. That looks really good. I had no idea what a Konad was, so wehn you posted about it before i googled it thinking i must be stupid! I think pink and lack leopard print would look awesome x

  9. It looks perfect to me! I love them! x

  10. I had never heard of such a thing... but how cool!!! Your nails look unbelievable!! Wow!

  11. Both look great to me!
    I never found C2000 nails to be all that good with lasting power though.

  12. I think they look amazing! I love the first pink colour Foxglove - I usually stick to neutral nails which I'm a bit bored of so I'm branching out and trying different colours more and more xx

  13. they look so good! I really want a konad set :)

  14. Oh wow, I love that!! I didn't know you could do it without using airbrushing! I like each design you did!

  15. @ Victoria ~ Thanks :) xx

    @ Louise ~ Mine are really short atm but I can never grown them to a nice length! xx

    @ Caz ~ Yeah I saw yours it looks fab :) Thanks xx

    @ Baby D ~ Aw thank you! Your comment made me like this --> :DDD lol xx

  16. @ India ~ Thank you! xx

    @ Leanne ~ Cheers M'dear! xx

    @ Lydia ~ I'll email you :) xx

    @ Jody ~ I'll email you :) xx

  17. @ Em ~ Yeah I would love to do that! xx

    @ Daisy ~ Thank you! xx

    @ KS ~ Thanks! xx

    @ Phoebe ~ I'm glad you said that, I think they're rubbish too! But I read so many raving reviews on them! xx

  18. @ Kate ~ It's lovely. I don't really have any neutral colours, we should swap stashes lol :)

    @ Katy Wilko ~ Thanks! I'd defo recommend xx

    @ Bohns ~ Thank you! xx

    @ Carol ~ Thanks! xx

  19. You did an excellent job both times!!!
    But I just really love the second look!
    I have the m57 and I 've only just started playing around with it! ;)


  20. Oh wow ! These are fab, your nails are delightfully pretty with these! I really want some now, how much are they ? I think it would take a few trys for me to even get them a little perfect!

  21. @ Tina ~ Thank you! Make sure you post photos when you do! xx

    @ Daisy ~ I'll email you hon xx

  22. I soooo need to get me a Konad!!!! Im missing out big time. Love the nails babe.