Monday, 18 January 2010


Probably smells like this:*

I really wish you could smell this (if you haven't already) - it is lush.  It physically makes a noise escape from my mouth when I take the lid off - I love it.

I received a £20 gift card from The Body Shop this Christmas (thank you so much!) and had planned to save it until later this year, when money was tight so I'd be able to treat myself but after seeing some things in the sale I wanted I caved in. I only got the Passion Fruit Body Scrub (above) which was £5 and a Raspberry Body Butter which was £10. When I got to the counter the lady serving me asked if I had seen anything I wanted for £1 so I picked up a green glitter eye liner which was on the counter. It's gorgeous! I wore it on Friday night and wish I'd have taken some pictures to show you.


It also only all totalled to £9.90, using my discount card, which means I have £10.10 left to spend when I am feeling the need :)


* But I wouldn't complain if it smelt of Lush. Lush or Passion Fruit smelling heaven please :)


  1. I love the Body Shop.... everything they have smells delicious... I don't know if I've tried this scent but I must now!!

  2. The body shop is amzing! great haul hun! xxx

  3. I have the passionfruit lip butter which was only £2 online - I love it! It smells and tastes so nice :)

  4. I have that body butter,its soooo gorgeous x

  5. I bought that with my discount tooo. Smells amazing!! xx

  6. I'm really starting to like bodyshop again - I'll be off for a smell of this at lunchtime tomorrow :) x

  7. I got a passionfruit body butter from primark (of all places!) for 50p for a huge tub and it smells gorgeous!!! x

  8. Oh wow I can pretty much imagine how amazing they smell!

  9. @ KS ~ You must!!!! Let me know if you do :) xx

    @ Goldie locks ~ I'm really getting back into TBS nowadays! xx

    @ Caz ~ Ooh I might try and buy that! xx

    @ Em ~ Lol yes I think it was seeing it on your site that spurred me into getting it! xx

  10. @ Nicola ~ It does doesn't it! xx

    @ R ~ Yeah me too. Did you buy anything? :) xx

    @ Hannah ~ It does! xx

    @ Rainbow ~ Thats a good bargain! I'll have to check it out! xx

  11. @ Goldyrocks ~ lol, I love it!

    @ Gabby ~ It is gorgeous! xx

    @ Daisy ~ I love the smell of most of the butters etc tbh lol xx

  12. I didn't buy anything, was on a mission to find a gift box! I smelt it though - gorgeous! x

  13. Love the body shop. Your blog is so bright and cheery!