Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heaven #2

If heaven smells like Passion Fruit Body Scrubs (or Lush), I would also expect that tables lay around laden with The Best Food in the World. And amongst them is this conncoction I like to have, mainly on a weekend as I feel like I'm eating a takeaway.

Now, this is probably one of the worst pictures in the world as it was taken on my phone so the lighting is terrible.

See what I mean? (Ignore the salt...I clearly went overboard). Nann bread pizzas. I think I actually prefer these to real pizzas because of the base, and they only take five minutes to cook.

To make these, buy some nann breads from your local supermarket, I like the garlic and corriander ones best (I am a garlic addict) and spread as much tomato puree on as you like. Another reason I like these - I am so fussy with pizzas sometimes as I hate tomatos and the puree. This way I can put just a teeny bit on so that I hardly taste it :) Then just put your topping on and finish with mozzarella and cook for around five to ten minutes. My favourite  topping is chicken tikka, the packs you buy from the fridges in the supermarket, cut it up and spread it over and then cut up a couple of jalapeno peppers.

SO tasty, and a lot cheaper and quicker than a takeaway for your Saturday night TV viewing!

What alternatives do you like?



  1. OMG those look amazing !! I love those fries... I go overboard on salt myself i can't anything without half a bottle of the stuff on lol x

  2. I feel so hungry right now.. xx

  3. I actually made myself a naan bread pizza today! I used to make them all the time. I added tuna pate to mine, it's weird but i love tuna pizzas

  4. Oh now i like the sound of this.... i LOVE garlic & have some form it about 6 days a week!

    yum! x

  5. Fabulous idea! My guilty naan pleasure is the cheese ones. I'd be happy at the indian with just one of them and something to dip with! I'll be having a go at making a naan pizza soon though! xxx

  6. Interesting. Looks like I'll be adding this in my little cook book. Definitely going to try this recipe of yours soon. yum! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  7. So hungry!!!!!!

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  8. good idea,I might try that.Hows the flat going??

  9. great idea! so going to try this next time i fancy a takeaway will save me so many cals as well lol :)