Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy 101

The lovely Miss H of The World According to Miss H has sent me this lovely award, which makes me pretty happy :) To see her wonderful answers click here, the rules are to post 10 things which make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, link back to the person who awarded you and pass along to ten people. So here goes!

Duvet Days

I practically live for days where I can lay on the sofa all day, with a bottle of pepsi and nice food in reach, heating on, fairy lights on, a book and magazine next to me and the remotes within my grasp, along with all my box sets. Thinking about them makes me smile :) (I can probably safely say that I have done this every day for about two weeks now!)

New York

Thinking about New York puts the biggest smile on my face and a panging, yearning feeling inside me! I want to go back so much it hurts, I love watching films with NYC in, I purposely try and find new blogs with authors living in NYC, I watch Sex and the City until I fall asleep - I love New York.


If my iPod runs out of battery I can go in such a mood. A journey that can take up to 40 minutes on a packed out bus with nothing to listen to but the swearing, scratty rants of awful rough people? No thanks. Music wakes me up on a morning, as soon as I take the iPod out of the docking station I put the earhones in my ears, I listen to it until work starts, then for my hour lunch, then all the way home. At my old job, I used to be able to listen to it all day. I miss that.


I love nothing better than getting lost in a book. Reading can make you forget about any worries and stress going on around you and you can lose yourself in different characters, there is nothing like the feeling of being so enthralled in a book you can't stop until it's finished!

Cute animals

Like this baby panda. What is cuter?!


I'm the kind of person who does like my own space, but nothing beats having friends to gossip, moan and cry to. Even if you are crying after several cans of cider and glasses of wine over dead celebs and dead pets, Miss Sykes :)


I believe it was once in my school report that I day dreamed too much. Well, I do not see any problem with that! I have missed stops on the bus before just sat staring into space, most likely thinking of things that will never happen. But it's all fun, and it makes me happy :)

Make up

Looking at other peoples collections makes me that kind of happy jealous, and reading all these make up blogs has certainly made me spend a lot more money in 2009 that I ever thought I would, on make up.


I feel like I should use a picture of a Big Mac and fries for this part, considering I have had two this week and could quite easily eat another now. I love food; I love food too much! I need to learn to cook more this year for sure.


I feel weird thinking back to those days of dial up connection and allocated hours here and there on my dads computer, now I can sit in bed with an instant internet connection on my knee for as long as I want! I'd be lost without the internet, I've met some amazing people through blogging and forums, more so this year, people I am pleased to call my friends.



ETA: The gorgeous KS also awarded me and I forgot to credit her. *sorry* Click here to see her answers!


  1. I loved this!!!

    Happy new year :)

  2. I am with you on the make-up front, have bought lots this year. Made a pile of things to review and it is huge!! Need to pick my next 'use it up before buying more' project as I am almost finished with facial moisturisers.

    Amy x

  3. oh my i fell in love with New York too! Id do anything to go back! i went last febuaray and it snowed the whole time & snow in central park is the most amazing thing!
    Have you noticed that there are so many song about new york recenntly! they just make me wanna go back even more! its just se expensive! x

  4. Jammy day for me again i love them too

    Happy new year xxx

  5. Thank you for the award :) xx

  6. excellent answers!! I should have had duvet days, NY and reading in mine too...I should have extended it to say 20 things :) x

  7. oh my gosh that baby panda!! so cute!!!

  8. That was too much fun to read, thanks for the award and I can totally relate to most of your loves... especially makeup, food and duvet days! xxx

  9. Awww, such a lovely post! :)
    I 'm going to agree with most of what you wrote - great picks/answers girl!
    Thanks so much for tagging me!