Saturday, 2 January 2010

(Another) Lush post

I know that in the past few months there have been so many blog posts raving about Lush I have lost count, and I've done a few myself, but I genuinely love seeing them. I love seeing what other people love and hate, especially with all the sales I'm really interested in seeing what bargains people have managed to get their hands on!

If you didn't know, UK Lush are doing spend £20 and get any gift box free, or a goodie bag which is filled with at least £25 worth of stuff in. You lucky USA people get something like buy one get two free - SO not fair!! I went shopping on Wednesday so the only gift boxes left were the little ones with only about two products in, so I obviously went for the goodie bag. They are all behind the counter so you don't get to see what is in the bag until you receive it, and I was really excited to get home and open it all out! I spent around £22 and got the following:

I love the Star Melts, they smell gorgeous and I've used quite a few this Christmas. I only picked the one up and chose the You've Been Mangoed because it smells gorgeous! The bath melts make you feel so silky :)

I've had the Pop in the Bath bar before but never tried Big Blue Ballistic bath bomb. Smells lovely and fresh!

I have never had either of these bubble bars - but I think The Comforter has taken over Sex Bomb as being my favourite thing ever from Lush. The smell, the smell! It's absolutely gorgeous. I cannot wait to use this - I picked a nice big chunk of it. I will most definitely be using more!

I had picked up one of the sugar scrubs in my Freshers Pack back here in October and wanted this because of how cute it was! The Candy Cane bar also smells delish.

Onto my free goodie bag, I was really pleased with what I ended up with:

I hope this picture comes out OK, since I've altered my columns on the blog I've noticed pictures don't sometimes show up properly. As you can see I got a second Candy Cane Bubble Bar and a Fairy Tale Sugar Scrub, so I've given them to my Mum along with the So White Ballistic. I think I must be one of the only people in the world who isn't a MASSIVE fan of the Snow Fairy range. I just think it smells slighltly too ... sickly. I will still use this though. :)

What did you lot get from Lush? Are you fans? I was disappointed that I couldn't pick up any Christmas Eve and Sex Bomb when I went - I can understand the Christmas Eve selling out but can't believe Sex Bomb sold out and there were none in the back!



  1. Yes I think you might be the only one who doesn't like Snow Fairy. :P Great haul! I got quite a few of these bits in my last one. All the pictures are fine besides the last one has been cut off. :/ It's bigger then the rest though.

  2. :) Thanks, I've changed it so it's a bit better now. I don't know why I don't like it that much! Actually I know one more person that doesn't - my mum :) xx

  3. The only thing I really really hate the smell of is Karma. :(

  4. Fab haul I got some similar things from Lush (you can see them in my most recent post)
    I also love the comforter, especially the big soft bubbles it creates!

  5. There's a lush store next to the Sabon one here in the Netherlands, but everytime I'm there, I'd rather go in the Sabon one... while everyone is praising about lush! don't know why though... maybe because Oprah was all over Sabon... :P


  6. I have never heard of this Lush... but it looks awesome!!

    And PLEASE please please steal my Eclipse countdown!! The more people who are excited to see it the better!!!

  7. @ Bicky ~ You just reminded me that I used to hate the Karma perfume they used to do. Is it the same?! xx

    @ Caz ~ I can't wait to use it! xx

    @ TF ~ I've never heard of Sabon, I'll have to check it out! xx

    @ KS ~ Def check it out, it's fab! Okies :))) xx

  8. Ahhh I've seen SO many Lush hauls lately and it's making me want to try their products out ... except that I rarely, rarely take baths. They look so cute and ... also look pretty edible hehe.

    Happy New Year and I'm glad you liked the card/bookmark :D <3

  9. Awww it. They don't have a huge selection over here so when I'm back in L.A. I tend to go crazy when I see a LUSH store. ;)
    And yay on Sex absolute favorite!!!! But wow...apparently I'm not the only one, huh?! lol

    Happy Weekend!

  10. such a fun treat for your body!

    Happy New Year's love!

  11. You got loads, i love Lush but i'm avoiding buying anymore smellies as i have soo many! x Thank you for tagging me too x

  12. You got loads, i love Lush but i'm avoiding buying anymore smellies as i have soo many! x Thank you for tagging me too x

  13. You got loads, i love Lush but i'm avoiding buying anymore smellies as i have soo many! x Thank you for tagging me too x

  14. You got loads, i love Lush but i'm avoiding buying anymore smellies as i have soo many! x Thank you for tagging me too x

  15. You got loads, i love Lush but i'm avoiding buying anymore smellies as i have soo many! x Thank you for tagging me too x

  16. Oh my god i'm so sorry i don't know why its done that!! x

  17. i absolutely loved the goodie bag too!! although i am SUPER jealous of the US deals!! thanks so much for the blog awards, i'll be reposting it tomorrow xxxx

  18. I went to Lush again today so also picked up a goody bag! the first time I went I got to choose what bag but this time it was a suprise 9different store). I love trying the new products I would not have chosen myself =) You got a great goody bag though!! xx

  19. I'm not all that fond of Snow Fairy, or the star melts.
    Your gift bag was so much better than mine!

  20. You know what i have never set foot in this shop due to the strong smell of the shop 5 doors before you even get to it makes me sneeze, ive seen many blogs with LUSH products so im now very tempted to see what all the fuss is, i will maybe brave it one day & have a rumage!


  21. Lovely haul! have fun using them all! :) x

  22. You aren't alone, I don't like the snow fairy stuff either...I wish I did - love the bubblegum pink of the showergel etc but I really don't like the sickly sweet smell.

    Amy x

  23. Love the smell of lush! But i sneeze everytime i go past :(
    Such a shame!!! Lovely blog :) <3

  24. @ Nikolett ~ You HAVE to try it! They have good shower stuff too :) xx

    @ Selma ~ I know, we are not alone! lol xx

    @ Firecrackers ~ happy New years! xx

    @ Em OMG that made me laugh SO much!! :D xx

  25. @ Cat ~ Welcome hon :) xx

    @ Pheebs ~ They are practically the same but there is something about SF I cant stand!xx

    @ MFC ~ You have to! Or order online :Dxx

    @ TBE ~ Thanks :) xx

    @ Amy ~ Yay someone else! xx

    @ Pippa ~ Thanks ! xx

  26. I think im going to have to take a trip to lush because ive seen so many posts sayin how good their products are so i think i need to try them out :)

  27. Do you know when they're doing this goody bag til? I may have to venture to lush saturdsy if they still have it :/ xx