Sunday, 24 January 2010

Konad #3

I did this earlier this week using Nail Inc (In Style Coral I think it was) and the Konad special polish. I put a diamante on the centre of the flowers on each thumb and I did really like it, I just hated the base polish I used. It needed two coats to look half decent but then it kind of seemed too thick - can you see on the thumb and ring finger how on the tips it has chipped? I usually love Nails Inc polishes so this was a major disappointment for me :(

I'm being so lazy this week, bearing in mind this chipped on Wednesday after application on Tuesday, I had planned to re-do another design on the Thursday night but you know those nights you just kind of get stuck on the sofa watching TV etc? I suceeded in peeling the entire polish of both thumbs (and by this stage it had chipped from a lot of other nails too) and then fell asleep so I went to work Friday with half my hands painted and thumbs unpainted and just painted one coat on them in the pub on Friday night. I meant to do them on Saturday but again I just....didn't. So now I am sat here with two fingers on each hand pulled off and the rest chipped - I NEED to paint them when I get home!

I have no idea what rabble I've just written. I am falling asleep! I'm having really bad dreams at the moment and it's making me so tired in the day, last night someone in my building must have been having a parrrrrtayyyyyy because the music was going till at least half 2, when I eventually fell asleep, and then I woke up at 9.30 in tears after having a really bad dream for the third night in a row...better luck tonight I hope :(


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heaven #2

If heaven smells like Passion Fruit Body Scrubs (or Lush), I would also expect that tables lay around laden with The Best Food in the World. And amongst them is this conncoction I like to have, mainly on a weekend as I feel like I'm eating a takeaway.

Now, this is probably one of the worst pictures in the world as it was taken on my phone so the lighting is terrible.

See what I mean? (Ignore the salt...I clearly went overboard). Nann bread pizzas. I think I actually prefer these to real pizzas because of the base, and they only take five minutes to cook.

To make these, buy some nann breads from your local supermarket, I like the garlic and corriander ones best (I am a garlic addict) and spread as much tomato puree on as you like. Another reason I like these - I am so fussy with pizzas sometimes as I hate tomatos and the puree. This way I can put just a teeny bit on so that I hardly taste it :) Then just put your topping on and finish with mozzarella and cook for around five to ten minutes. My favourite  topping is chicken tikka, the packs you buy from the fridges in the supermarket, cut it up and spread it over and then cut up a couple of jalapeno peppers.

SO tasty, and a lot cheaper and quicker than a takeaway for your Saturday night TV viewing!

What alternatives do you like?


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I've been really lazy recently with being tagged and awarded things and not posting them straight away, so I thought I'd get on with some of it now :)

Way back in November (!) the lovely Sophie tagged me in this post. I've seen it on a few blogs, and the idea is to pick your top product for each section - haircare, skincare and make up - which costs under a fiver.


At the moment my hair is incredibly hard to get a brush through - my hair is literally washed and left to dry naturally without even brushing it then in the morning tied up in a messy up do all the time. On the rare occasions when I do want to wear it down I need a good dollop of Aussies Three Minute Miracle left to soak in for a bit before washing it out to find lovely smooth hair that a brush will go through with minimal effort, leaving lovely frizz free hair. Until the next time I wash it.


I struggled a bit finding something for this and in the end I went for Garnier Pure Active Moisturiser. It smells nice, it lasts good length of time and it is something I will definitely repurchase.

Make Up

I think, if I had £5 in my purse to buy make up, I would definitely pick up a Sleek palette. These are just fab! Here's my currently most used one, Sunset.

I know that quite a few people have already done this so feel free to tag yourself!

I was also awarded The Haute Mess Award and One Lovely Blog Award from Becca, Sadie and Laura. I am so sorry but I cannot get into my reader without it messing up and I can't see who gave me the Haute Mess Award! :( I'm sorry.

Thanks girlies :)


Monday, 18 January 2010


Probably smells like this:*

I really wish you could smell this (if you haven't already) - it is lush.  It physically makes a noise escape from my mouth when I take the lid off - I love it.

I received a £20 gift card from The Body Shop this Christmas (thank you so much!) and had planned to save it until later this year, when money was tight so I'd be able to treat myself but after seeing some things in the sale I wanted I caved in. I only got the Passion Fruit Body Scrub (above) which was £5 and a Raspberry Body Butter which was £10. When I got to the counter the lady serving me asked if I had seen anything I wanted for £1 so I picked up a green glitter eye liner which was on the counter. It's gorgeous! I wore it on Friday night and wish I'd have taken some pictures to show you.


It also only all totalled to £9.90, using my discount card, which means I have £10.10 left to spend when I am feeling the need :)


* But I wouldn't complain if it smelt of Lush. Lush or Passion Fruit smelling heaven please :)

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Konad #1 and #2

As I mentioned earlier this week, I finally ordered a Konad after Christmas and it arrived last week. The kit I ordered came with the scraper, stamper, three Konad special polishes - red, white and blue - and two image plates. I ordered two extra plates when I bought it so the plates I ended up with are...



My favourite, or the only two I have actually used yet, are M57 and M3 (the right hand two).

The pictures I've taken are really, really rubbish so I apologise, but I wanted to post some and show how I'd done.

The first time I gave it a go was last Sunday and I picked the polish I got for Christmas...

...Foxglove from Virgin Vie. This looks so much better on, it is a gorgeous pink colour, and although I own a lot of pink polishes this has jumped straight to the top of the lot as my favourite. As for the Konad Image Plate I used, I went for the stars on M3. I didn't want to do a full plate for my first try and I wasn't bothered about the stars being in exactly the same place on each nail so I thought it would be easier to do.

So, here are the pictures I took of my first attempt at Konading my nails!

The colour of the polish is just not coming out right on these photos, it is gorgeous IRL. Mid week I attempted to give it another go. and I got SO stressed out! I wanted to do Barry M Pink Flamingo as a base and Barry M's black over the top, using one of the full image plates. I could NOT get the hang of it at all, the black polish hardly showed up and the base coat just kept smudging/would NOT dry!! In the end I took it all off and ended up with the Urban Decay polish I showed in my last post. When that chipped off I again tried to give Konad another go and failed. Again. I bought two Collection 2000 polishes last week after seeing one on Leanne's blog and couldn't resist the other as it was gorgeous!

It looks great in the bottle but when I had it on...I don't think it really suits me, it looked awful. I ended up just putting the same design on as when I used the Virgin Vie, the stars, and I didn't take a photo as it was awful. In fact, on Saturday morning, one of my tweets was...

So as soon as I could I whipped it off and applied the other Collection 2000 polish I'd bought and after messing around for a while I ended up with this.


It is by no means perfect and you can see all the imperfections on it but...I like it, and for someone who is useless with things like this I'm quite pleased with it. :)

I am so sorry for the amount of pictures in this post! Leave a comment if you made it this far!!


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Urban Decay

For some reason I assumed Urban Decay nail polishes were expensive, I think because I find the other Urban Decay products are, I just thought the polishes would be around the £8 mark. I starred this post on Helen & Sheenie's blog recently as I loved the look and wanted to get my hands on it.

On Friday I was heading to the White Rose to go to Nandos and feeling a little down that I couldn't splash the cash, and I thought I would treat myself to a nail varnish. I checked out the Debenhams Urban Decay counter and couldn't find any of the nail varnishes. I went to eat and then we decided to have a look in Superdrug as I thought they were still on three for two so we'd be able to get more for our money. The offer had ended but we had a little browse anyway, and down the aisles they have some tubs full of random bits - lip glosses, bargain bin kind of buys, make up all broken that kind of thing - and then I found a tub of Urban Decay nail polishes!! I couldn't believe it - I have never even seen Urban Decay being sold in Superdrug and definitely not the White Rose store so I don't understand why they were there. They were also £1.99 which surprised me further!

I picked up four colours and two pairs of earrings (I *love* Superdrugs earring range!!). The colours I went for were...



(That's in the same order as the picture by the way)

I applied Cult as soon as I got home and here is what it looked like:

I love it! Although it reminds me of a Rimmel polish I also have (can't remember the name - possibly Atlantis?) However, by Sunday morning I think I'd kinda figured out why the cheap price range - it had almost all chipped off! Well OK, it wasn't that bad, but I expected more from it.

After messing around  and getting stressed to hell with my Konad (it came! :D) I gave up last night, took everything off and started again, and as it was nearly midnight I just went for the red Urban Decay polish: Kiss.

I don't have a before picture, but by 3 o clock today?

This is two coats and a topcoat. Why is it so rubbish - is this a well known fact  - is this why I couldn't find it when I looked previously - are my questions!

Heres a close up of the earrings I picked up also:

I think I've had about four pairs of the love heart ones - I always misplace them!

Soooo...tell me about Urban Decay polishes people!


Sunday, 10 January 2010

A December Round Up!

I had the idea to try and do this post at the end of each month. I'm the sort of person who loves lists, and being able to keep a little chart of everything I've read, seen and been into each month is my kind of thing! Please feel free to join in, but if you do leave a comment so I know to look at yours for any recommendations! And obviously this is a little late now, being in January, but I kept forgetting to bring my lists round to my mums when I was here to blog!!

I've read

December saw me get into the True Blood books - only the first three mind. I mentioned before how I'd bought the first three and not really liked it. I picked up the other two and finished them in days! I also picked up Twilight and New Moon again - I had intentions of re-reading the whole saga but I wanted to get on with other books so I stopped.

I fell in love with Harriet Evans The Love of her Life and read it in a day, I finally finished Katy Regan's One Thing Led to Another which I didn't really enjoy and I picked up A Winter's Tale from a charity shop and got all excited reading this while wrapping Christmas presents and listening to Christmas songs.

I finished the year reading Where There's a Will by Matt Beaumont which I'm finding hard to get into and like, and began reading John Barrowman's I Am What I Am after receiving it as a Christmas Present.

Favourite book of December? Probably Living Dead in Dallas. Eric Northman is too hot to not put in the top spot!

I've seen

I finally went to see New Moon after all the fuss had died down (I can't stand being in packed cinemas!)and thought it was really good, but not as good as Twilight. Although Jacob is ten million squillion billion ten hundred zillion times fitter than in Twilight. Let's hear an ahhhh...


I also went to see 2012 with my bro and was a bit scared! Films about the end of the world always have me thinking and being scared for months after.

DVD wise I got to see The Hangover and The Proposal again, which are both so funny. I had forgotten how funny the scene in The Propsal is when Sandra Bullock is dancing to the Get Low song, so funny! I watched 17 Again again over Christmas - it is definitely one of my favourite films, and I think it would be even if Zac Efron wasn't in it - he is so fit!

I spent two hungover Saturday mornings - does anyone else wake up at the crack of dawn when they've been drinking? Why is that? The one time you could do with the lie in. Instead I chose to lie on the sofa, shivering (I  HAVE to be freezing when I'm suffering, it helps me feel better!) with a pint of water and Sex and the City Movie one week, Love Actually another. And I cried like a baby at various points through both.

I spent Christmas Eve watching A Christmas Carol (the Patrick Stewart version) and An Affair to Remember, which I surprisingly loved!

and my favourite film of the month was one that had been on my wishlist for a long time but I had never seen. ITV showed it in between Christmas and New Year and I loved it! I can't wait to buy it. What is it?

Mermaids :)
I loved Cher's style and everything about it!

I also fell in love with True Blood and watched the first series in practically a day, as well as being obsessed with Gavin and Stacey - never have I owned a DVD that has been watched so many times! I finally got to the end of Nip Tuck Series 2 - the ending was brill! I can't wait to buy series 3 now.

Most used make up this month

I used the Sleek Sunset palette almost everyday in December - the red colour was perfect for Christmas! I also took to doing pretty made up eyes everyday, including using my Maybelline Kohl Express eyeliner and my Bourjois eyeliner too.

Hope you didn't find this too boring, it is rather long, but like I say it is probably more for my own benefit being able to look back than anything else!


Friday, 8 January 2010


I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of a Konad and it just is not coming fast enough for me! I had Tuesday and Wednesday off work ill as I haven't been too well so was messing around with some polishes while I was off, now that I've put pictures on here this actually looks crap but it looks better in real life! It looks kind of skunkified on here, it's actually a silver chrome down the middle and Barry M's black at either side.


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Strike a Pose

January is a bit of a tight month for spending, especially for me at the moment anyway, so I've been hoping to get some goodies from peoples blogs sales but haven't had any luck yet and found anything I *really* want. So I was pleased to see Sarah's blog sale last week.

I managed to pick up MAC's Strike A Pose (I can't remember what collection it was from but I wanted it as soon as I saw Ritchie Nickle's video) and an Urban Decay 24/7 mini liner. I've wanted to try these liners for a while - I was going to buy the set in the ASOS sale and I decided not to because knowing my luck I would hate them and not be able to use them! 

Sarah also included a gorgeous pigment of a blush in there which I can't wait to use! 

I had to squash the swatches on my knuckles as this is what the rest of my arm looks like...

I have been playing around with my bluey eyeliners and shadows all day! 

I can't wait to wear this blush (I wanted to wear it today but didn't manage to get up for work in time!!)

Have you picked up any blog sale bargains recently?