Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I'm not much of a watch fan it must be said. A lot of people are into watches and see nothing of spending a good £200, a lot more on a decent watch - I'm not one of them.

I'm a clumsy person and I couldn't trust myself not to scratch the face, or lose it somehow, so I like to play it safe and stick to cheaper ones. After mentioning on someones blog a while back that I liked a gold watch they had posted, I received this comment...

Jilleesa P has left a new comment on your post "MUST SEE films and birthday happenings":

It´d make sense if you bought a golden watch. After all, you ARE the girl with the golden touch;)

Those cupcakes are so cute, and i absolutly loved The Hangover. I don't like girlie movies.

xo Jill

...I couldn't think of a better reason to get one!

Here are some I liked...

Guess Gold Mini Rock Candy Watch £99

Michael Kors Gold Chronograph Bracelet £175

ASOS Leopard Print Face, £25

Michael Kors Mk5174 £179

The Michael Kors ones are my favourite without a doubt. But after a lot of thought, and then the fact that I didn't have a lot of money, I decided against it. I was shopping in River Island when I saw a cute one and asked my mum to get it for me for Christmas and this is it....
It was only cheap, which considering I'll either break, scratch or lose it, or even just forget to wear it half the time suits me just fine! 

Are you a watch person? 



  1. Really like the one you went is very deep when you look at the profile of it?

    Generally I'm not a watch person but recently I have developed a bit of a thing for watches. Ages ago I bought a pink, plastic watch with some dimante (a little like the 'toywatch'es) for about £12 from new look and have had lots of comments on it. At the weekend I finally got round to buying the Sekonda black and white watches from Argos...£19.99 instead of £39.99 and then on top of that BOGOF!!! Yes please!! Thought I might be disappointed by them 'in the flesh' but they are fab, particularly the white one.

    Amy x

  2. I like the one you brought. I am not a watch fan either I just use my mobile for the time lol


  3. love ur watch !wow u got it from river island?its kinda expensive here

  4. those are precious!!! i love the leopard print one!! anne klein makes a really reasonable one as well since, like yourself, I hate spending a bundle on a watch....I got mine for Christmas this year and it's adorable!!

  5. i like the first & last one

    ive got a retro casio & much prefer it to my DKNY one i never wear that one lol


  6. I was never a watch person perferring to use my mobile, but recently I realised how silly it was to always be rooting around in my bag for my mobile just to see what the time was. Since looking at all the various watches I am definitely a watch person now.I tried on the guess one in silver and its so nice. I almost brought it then realised it wasn't waterproof :(

    I love the ones in your post, Guess and Michael Kors make the nicest reasonably priced watches x

  7. that watch is lovely!! and fits so well with your personality! gold AND hot pink? perfect!! personally i prefer silver but sometimes i do have the urge for a bit of gold (normally just costume jewelery mind you...) ;)


  8. I love the one you got.I don't really do watches either, i prefer bracelets! x

  9. i like watches but rarely do i wear one. : ) xoxo

  10. There's a little stall in one of my local shopping centres that sells watches for £5...they're nice with a variety of unusual styles so I have a small collection of them.

    I really like the one you got, I love chunkier watches.

    =D xx

  11. After I graduated and started working as a dentist, I've stopped wearing watches... I want the white chanel one though, but not sure whether it's wise to get it, since I can't wear it anyway!

    Happy nye!

    You are featured on my latest post:


  12. Love it! Fabulous style!

    (I always loose watches too!)

  13. @ fordgredial ~ Oh I heard about the BOGOF, what a bargain! Yes sometimes I develop a little obsesh with them! xx

    @ TBGG ~ Yeah, I do most of the time, I forget to wear watches! xx

    @ Vanilla ~ They do a lot for around the same price, pretty cheap! xx

  14. @ Charlotte ~ I love that one too, I'll have to look at Anne Klein xx

    @ MFC ~ I'm always too scared to wear the more expensive one even if I prefer it better! xx

    @ Peonies & WL ~ Aw, as I dont wear them often I forget about the waterproof thing all the time, just slips my mind! xx

  15. @ California Dreamin ~ Mee too :D xx

    @ Cat ~ Aw loved this comment when I read it! *hugs* xx

    @ Em ~ Yeah! I have so many bangles I don't think they match with watches! xx

  16. @ Savvy Gal ~ I think you're either into them or not :) xx

    @ Allie Bunni ~ Yo reminded me of when I was younger and really into watches, I'd buy so many from a stall in my local shopping centre! :) xx

    @ TF ~ The white Chanel one is gorgeous though..I'm always worried white ones would get dirty?!

    @ Love ~ Thank you! xx