Thursday, 10 December 2009

A Piece of Me - December Styleee :)

Three or four days late but here is my contribution to Toothfairy's game...

This month...

I like: Everything! This is my favourite month of the year. I LOVE Christmas!! Everything is so cosy - even the walk home, the bus journey home, it is so wintery!

I don't like: Being without the internet. It is doing my box in!! I miss lounging in bed/on the sofa looking at blogs. I hardly read or comment on them anymore because of it. I will be getting the internet after Christmas hopefully :)

I want you to know: I prefer sorbet to ice cream. I've been eating Ben and Jerry's Mango and Raspberry sorbet on a Saturday lunchtime to bring me round from my hangovers lately. I'm not really that much of an ice cream fan - frozen fruit or sorbet any time!

I've planned: my time from Christmas Eve to New Years weekend immaculately. Christmas Eve - finish work at lunch, maybe go for some drinks with collegues (or frollegues, a work I picked up last night - friend and collegue = frollegue!!), then to my mums for her Christmas Eve buffett and Christmas TV. Christmas Day, spend with the family and Boxing Day again the same. The day after Boxing Day going back to mine and then until New Years Eve.....NOTHING!!! Nothing but long sleeps, wearing cosy comfy clothes and watching back to back DVDs and eating party food. And I cannot wait! For the sleeping part especially. I'm so tired on a morning! I think I am going to set my alarm for 630 still just to get that satisfaction of snooooozzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeing for good!

I want to say to someone special: My special someone this month is.... this dude:

I've been good this year...treat me well!! :D

If you want to play this game head over to Toothfairy to read this post about the game and how it works. And here was my November entry, if you're new and wanted to have a gander!



  1. So happy you played along! I just love this game, and I loved reading all of your answers!
    I love this time of year too... smiles, and happiness and excitement all the time. Perfect!!

  2. Your Christmas Eve to New Year plans sounds glorious! December is most definitely such a wonderful month!

  3. December is my favorite too! I gave you an award over at my place...

  4. Glad to know I'm not the only who's got every day planned from xmas eve to new year! Roll on xmas! ;)

  5. Glad to know I'm not the only who's got every day planned from xmas eve to new year! Roll on xmas! ;)

  6. hahaha being without the internet sucks huh, we're so spoiled these days!!!!


  7. Sounds like your Christmas Day will be busy and filled with family just like mine! Love it!