Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ornament Swap 2009!

One of my favourite bloggers is the lovely Micaela of Dolce Vita. She is a lovely sweet girl who I've had the pleasure of emailing a few times and it was when I saw her hosting the 2009 Ornament Swap I knew I wanted to be involved!

Basically Micaela asked anyone who wanted to be involved to drop her a line and let her know. From that point she arranged it (and I've no idea how, I would have been so confused as so many people were involved!) like a Secret Santa so that no two people had the same to swap.

The person I had the pleasure of sending something to was Lisa from Three Ladybugs Love to Play. I picked to send her these two ornaments which I loved and wanted for myself!

The person who had me as their swap was Chels from The Well Nice Chronicles. The lovely girl had sent me this great ornament:

It looks so cool on my little pink tree and I'm so grateful!

A big thank you to Micaela for hosting and organising, and to Lisa and Chels, whose blogs I am glad to have discovered!



  1. what an adorable idea!!!!! love your blog!!

  2. Gorgeous little owl. Its such a fab idea xx

  3. carla, how BEAUTIFUL!!! i love your new little owl, and OF COURSE the one you sent.

    i am SOOO GLAD you were a part of my exchange. i am so glad to be friends with you.

    you are plain lovely! xo

  4. @ Claire ~ It was, get involved next time! Check out Micaela's blog :) xx

    @ Charlotte ~ Aww thanks! xx

    @ Em ~ I love swaps n things xx

    @ Micaela ~ Aw, what a sweetie! xxx

  5. Am a bit obsessed with owls! I love the little fella,so cute!