Monday, 7 December 2009


Since I bought GOSH Bright Passion around two weeks ago I'm finding it extremely hard to actually just wear a plain nail varnish without painting BP over the top of everything.

I couldn't decide between Rimmel Atlantic and Maybelline Midnight Blue so I just painted one nail of each and decided I actually kind of liked them both alternatively. I don't think I have worn alternate nails painted this way since I was in school so I was a bit apprehensive of whether I would like the finished turnout but after I'd painted the GOSH over the top I loved it.

You can see the blue better on this picture as rubbish as it is; the top picture makes it look a bit black.

What do you think, is alternatively painted nails a bit of a kiddy thing to do or do you like it?



  1. YAY for Bright Passion :D
    Personally I hate alternate nails.. even hated it when I was a kid, haha, but Bright Passion makes it look alright actually!

  2. Awww its cute, i love bright passion looks fab on you x

  3. Wellll, I have to be honest & say I don't actually like alternate nails and exactly like Leanne, I also didn't like it as a child either. My 12 year old sister is going through the stage of painting hers alternately in neon brights.... Acceptable because she is only 12 but I hate it!

    Love Rimmel polishes though :-)

    Strangely, my verification word is 'ouvirdra'. I think that that would be an amazing name for a nail varnish! :-D

  4. @ Leanne ~ Do you find Bright Passion makes your varnish peel off really easy though? xx

    @ Em ~ Thanks hon :) xx

    @ GND ~ I don't think I did it much as a kid, it just reminds me of it a lot! xx

    @ Kate ~ Thanks! xx