Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Honest Scrap

Ages and ages ago quite a few people tagged me with the 'Honest Scrap' award and I never actually did it. I remembered today so decided to give it a go - hope it isn't too boring for you to read!

1. I've only ever had two jobs - I left school when I was 16 (or 15, technically, I was one of the youngest in the year) and began a modern apprenticeship and it was HORRIBLE. It was full of scratters and I hated them all and used to cry about going. So after about a month or maybe two I applied to an agency and they asked my dads boss, as I had done my work experience there, for a reference and he needed someone in the office. So I stayed working for Leeds City Council from the age of 16 to 19 when I left to work for the place I work now.

2. I cracked my head open when I was two. I was holding onto the windowsill and knocked a pot plant pot onto my head which cracked it straight open! It got glued back together (not stitched) and I have a cool little scar now on my forehead.

3. I'm fussy about which crisps I can eat with what. For instance, if I am going to eat a tuna sandwich I can only eat either Cheese and Onion or Ready Salted crisps. If I'm eating chicken sandwich it has to be ready salted. I can't eat a sandwich without crisps - I have a fear that I won't like the taste in my mouth so I need crisps ready to shove in!

4. And with pizza (even though I *know* I am going to like the taste) I rarely eat it without chips. It's a weird thing - I can't eat a meal with just one thing, I have to have two things ready to eat. I don't know why!

5. I love the idea of just staying on the sofa all weekend, pepsi in reach, food in reach and dvds ready to switch.

6. I like watching sad films to make me cry. When I cry at films I always forget that I'm crying at a film and get confused and think it's my life - yesterday, I watched Love Actually and when it got to the part of Liam Neeson's wifes funeral I started crying and then before I knew it I was thinking about being at someone (i.e. my parents or someone special's) funeral and how I don't want to be there and I had to tell myself it wasn't happening and it was a film! I'm weird I know. I don't know why.

7. I get really annoyed when people don't text/email back. It's rude!

8. I'm getting a Wii for Christmas and I can't wait. I guess it's a little childish to be excited about a games console at 23 but I am so looking forward to playing with it!

9. I wish I had Sky Plus. There are so many TV programmes I would watch if I had it.

10. I love cats. I think when I am older I will probably become a cat lady. Men are too complicated, cats are so much easier!

I'm not going to tag anyone but if there is anyone who hasn't done this and wants to comment so I can read your answers!



  1. cracked your head open at 2? Your Mom must have been sick. My brother did this at 3, and I had a concussion at 5...our Mom was a nervous wreck. Glad you were ok!

  2. Lol..My mum said she was abnle to stay calm, it was my dad who was flipping out! :) xx

  3. I loved reading all of your answers. I am a crazy cat lady (kind of) already... I have two but they're my best little friends. I love to pieces really.
    And Love Actually makes me cry every single time I watch it.

  4. Aww you little freak haha eating things in 2's ey? : p

    I'm already a crazy cat lady. Its awesome

  5. Hey, well done on the award. Have to say though, pizza and chips is an overrated combo - and Virgin + is better than Sky.
    Check out my disastrous dating life: http://plentymorefishoutofwater.blogspot.com/

  6. honey I've played the wii, till a few months back, AND I still play nds at times!!! soo... childish? no... we're just beyond cool! ok? :P


  7. I like #10 but I think my cat is more complicated than any male..and well, it's a HE anyway <3

  8. #8 - I got a wii for Christmas and I'm much much older than 23! I love it. We were playing Super Mario Bros earlier today and I have a love/hate relationship with the wii fit bich.

    Merry Christmas!