Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Getting the Christmas feeling

Recently, I've been spending a lot of time in here...

with my new fairy lights making the bedroom feel like a total princessly palace, reading...

A Winters Tale by Trisha Ashley, a book I bought from Oxfam last weekend alongside The Infidelity Chain by Tess Stimson, with this gorgeous little box...

My Dad bakes every Christmas and I had totally forgotten this until this weekend when I went to the cinema with my brother. When he came to pick me up he brought this cute little box full of jam tarts which are to die for! So far I've managed to be good and only have three...I think I'll eat more tonight though!

How are you managing to get into the Christmassy spirit?



  1. Jam tarts - yum. Not had one of those in aaaages!

    I get in the Xmas spirit by watching cool films like Jingle All The Way and Home Alone, eating mince pies, and wrapping presents!


  2. Ohh those tarts look yum. Your bedroom looks so pretty x

  3. The tarts look delish!
    Are you going to the Aussie night on Thurs? You can be my guest if you didn't get an official invite!

  4. You've totally inspired me to put my lights up in my room - they're in my closet and I'd completely forgotten about them!

  5. I like your princess lights in your princess room!


  6. Beautiful atmosphere! I love the Xmas spirit!

  7. Beautiful room & those tarts look soo good :) xx

  8. Ooooh... those look delicious!! Yum!

  9. @ Victoria ~ I'm going to wrap some more presents tonight and might put a Christmas film on :) xx

    @ Em ~ Thank you :D xxx

    @ Phoebe ~ I'll text you back in my lunch today! xx

    @ Amanda ~ Take a picture when they're up! xx

    @ Toothfairy ~ Thank you sweetie! xx

  10. @ Catanya ~ Thanks hon! xx

    @ CocoBella ~ They taste so good too lol! xx

    @ KS ~ I wish I had brought one to work...Im hungry now I've looked at them! xx