Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Christmas Shopping

Remember when I got a tad obsessed with browsing the Dorothy Perkins website and decided I wanted everything in sight? Remember when I wanted the dog tooth coat which was £65?

I did go and try it on and couldn't decide if I liked it or preferred a purple bubble coat instead and in the end I just never made a decision.

It was my friends birthday this weekend so we ventured into Leeds for a bit of Christmas shopping and when my friend bought a blue coat from Next it made me start thinking about the coat I had wanted...

After stopping off in Nandos we went into River Island where I picked up these gorgeous slippers...

and this bag for my friends Christmas present:

In the end we went up to Dorothy Perkins and I was pleased to see that not only were the coats reduced, but there was a further 20% sale on Sunday. The dog tooth one wasn't in my size, the purple one wasn't in my size but I saw a different royal blue coat with a zip. Which wasn't in my size. After speaking to a very unhelpful sales assistant I finally got someone to ring the other Leeds store to see if they had any of them in my size and they had the blue one. Up I went and tried it on and fell in love with it. I wore it to work today and it made me so happy!! That sounds so sad. I think it is the bright colour!

I'm a kid, I love the holiday add ons on Picnik!

What bargains are you glad you waited for, intentionally or unintentionally this year?



  1. Those slippers look soooooo comfy!
    I love your little Santa hat :P

    I'm deliberating a splurge on ASOS or waiting for their mega good boxing day sale... xx

  2. Oohhheeee....wait for the sale. It's always so good! Thanks for reminding me! :D xxx

  3. Love when that happens, it was meant to b. Looks lovely & cosey xx

  4. Ohh lovely coat, looks really warm. I might need the slippers x

  5. My bargains have been Stila makeup for less than a tenner.
    Foundation was £7.95 instead of £28.00
    Hair Freshener was £5.00 instead of £18.00.
    Glitter eyeliners for £3.95 instead of £18.00 & concealer for £1.95 instead of £16.00!

    Also, a New Look bodycon dress for £8.00 instead of £20.00 & a teal knitted beret for £3.00 instead of £8.00.

    Plus a few other bits & bobs that were also totally bargainous! *A very happy GND* :o)

    The coat really, really suits you! You look lovely in it :o)


  6. Oh, & some lovely sequin berets in the ASOS sale from £15.00 to £8.00 to £4.00. Now they're back up to £8.00 each!

    Can't wait for the boxing day sale...

  7. I like the slippers... argh, I need to do chrismas shopping soon, and I have no idea what to get for everyone!


  8. Those slippers look SO comfy! I have to start Christmas shopping soon and hopefully I'll find some bargains like you, with your neat little Santa hat, teehee :)

  9. These are such fun...makes me want to star shopping i have a purple bubble coat..and it is my all time favorite :) you should get looks amazing on you

  10. Ahhh you look so cute in those last pics
    aww miss you girly

  11. @ MFC ~ It is :D xx

    @ Em ~ You do! They're fab!

    @ GND ~ Bargin City!!! Lol, got some good ones there!


  12. @ TF ~ Tell me about it, I still have some to get and don't know what!

    @ Nikolett ~ They are warm and cosy!

    @ Firecrackers ~ I love purple :)


  13. @ Red Boots ~ Thank you honey! xx

    @ Emma ~ Aww miss you too lovely *hugs* thank you! xxxx