Sunday, 1 November 2009

This month...

The lovely Toothfairy has started a pretty cool game which lets our readers find out more about us and as I can't really add pictures to my blogs at the moment I thought I would give it a shot...seems pretty cool ;)

For the original post and rules click here :)

Let's start!

This month....

I like: that I have now got my own cool swanky new pad :D

I don't like: the fact that I am really, really going to have to reign in any odds and end spends from now on. No more haulage from me :(

I want you to know: that at the end of every week I am pretty partial to a bit *cough* lot *cough* of sparkly, bubbly, pink cava, friends, dancing...and a McDonalds at the end. I'm telling you, I've met some hotties in there the last few times I've been out!

I've planned: lots of nights in with friends, DVDs and nice food. I just got a total flashback!!

I really miss this Barbie! I have it in the loft I think!! Slumber Party Barbie...soooo cool!! She was soft so you could sleep with her...and it was either this or another bedtime one I had that came with a face cloth that you wet and wiped her face and her eyes closed! I miss being young..I had so many Barbies!

I want to say to someone special: My someone special is going to lovely people! Thank you for being so lovely *hugs* xxx


  1. I miss barbie too!!!!! boohoo! I had one with super long hair, haha, that was my favourite!

    I hope we can all keep this up!
    hmm... is that really working, the dry shampoo?! I've heard it only makes your hair feel greasy?


  2. I still have that Barbie under my bed along with all of my special edition Barbie's x

  3. Ahh you have a flat! Is it the one you were telling me about at the Aussie event?x

  4. Thats a fab post idea. I never had slumber party Barbie, i was deprived! Hows it all going with your new pad? x

  5. :-O When did you move and what's your place like? Umm flat warming party?! ;) haha xx

  6. Never knew you found an apartment, fab news, when do you move in? Ooh i totally forgot about that Barbie, loved it!!! xx

  7. Ahhh I remember having that blonde Barbie, I remember someone buying it me when I was ill :)

  8. hun,u got tagged and award,check out my blog !:)
    i do this game too btw

  9. Wow they have slumber party barbie now? :o
    I used to have a lot of barbie dolls when I was a little girl. Hahah I have kept all of them even until now. They're nicely packed in boxes in my closet :D

  10. Haha, I had that barbie, how funny. I miss them :( x

  11. Aww so sweet. Who isn't partial to the bubbly stuff? Never been a fan of Barbie myself really – did have them but I preferred my lego (I was an odd kid it has to be said!) ;)

  12. I used to have that barbie doll, I took it with me everywhere untill it got jammed under my bed one night, my dad tried to rip her out but ended up ripping her in half!

    I didn't talk to him for a week~

  13. I miss Barbies too! Maybe I'll go buy myself one. : )

  14. Aw, such a cute game. Shame you have to cut back on the haulage, I have to do the same clothing-wise, which sucks! And ah I used to have the biggest collection of Barbies and my Mom would sew clothes for them. Such good memories. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  15. That was such a lovely post . . brought back soooooo many memories. I had a dol, Tiny Tears that cried you then fed it and then it wet itself. I made so many clothes for it and treated it like a real baby. When I was thirteen, yes thirteen, I gave the doll to a younger family member for the weekend only to return to collect it to find she'd torn the head and all the limbs off my beloved Tiny Tears . . . yes, enough already!!! Great post, gave me my first smile of the day!!!!