Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tagged: Most Worn

The gorgeous Sadie tagged me a short while ago on this, rules being say what and post a picture of your most worn, so here goes!
1. Lipstick/Gloss
2. Earrings
3. Shirt
4. Nail polish
5. Shoes
6. Hair product
7. Perfume
8. Handbag/Purse

I've raved about these before but I have to say Soap & Glory Motherpucker. I havealmost used them all up! A few people asked me where they could get hold of these before - I got mine from Boots and I know Soap and Glory were going to launch an online shop so try there. :)
I am a big hoops girl at heart, I love having my hair tied up messy and some big earrings in and my most worn ones really have to be the ones I mentioned in this post when I bought them.

I think here I have to post a little collage of me wearing this shirt:

I bought it early last year and practically lived in it for a year. I don’t want to throw it away but I can’t really wear it that much anymore as its got a lot baggier and less whiter than it used to be! It was from River Island and about £24.99. I’d love to find a replacement … *sigh*

Nail Polish
My most worn nail polish this year has to be one of my Nails Inc ones. Here I am wearing it about two weeks ago with a bit of leopard print detail…

Out of my shoe collection I think these are my most worn this year; I love them!

Hair Product
I guess the most used product for my hair, and most rebought one would be Bastise Dry Shampoo. I need to go and buy more at lunch today too, it’s fantastic!
My most worn perfume is Dolly Girl by Anna Sui. I have mentioned this before but I just absolutely love it, it holds so many memories for me and I just love it.
I change my bags and purse so much but at the moment I am still in love with my new purse mentioned here and my black quilted River Island bag too.
This tag has been around the block a bit now so I will tag whoever wants to be tagged on it! Leave a comment if you do do it so I can be sure to check it out.


  1. Love, Love, Love the nails and shoes . . You Go Girl!!!

  2. Gotta agree, those shoes are fabulous!

  3. ohhhh your nails!!! LOVELY!!!

  4. I want the shoes!! They're Topshop aren't they? x

  5. Woop, love the post. Fab shoes!!!! x

  6. oooohhh I love the shoes! I can totally understand why they're your most worn pair!!!


  7. I love animal print deign shoes, those are very hot.

  8. The shoes are hot! And your nails look great! Wish I was better at applying nail polish.

  9. Ummmmm... lady? Those shoes... I die. Wow!! Love them!!