Sunday, 8 November 2009

Quick Update

Hey :)

Thought I would do a little update as I've really missed blogging this week!

I still don't have my internet at the flat yet which is rubbish but I've been at my parents today so am pinching their broadband to do this :)

The flat is gorgeous, can't wait to show you some piccies later, I'm really happy there.

Spending wise I haven't been buying much lately...

Just the Sunset Sleek Palette and this red bowl and red pot pourri for my living room :) I used the Sunset Palette on Friday night when I went out but I don't like what it looks like in the pictures so I'll have to keep playing around with it.

Oh, and look who one of my neighbours is ...

a gorgeous puddy cat called Oscar...he followed us into my flat on Saturday morning when we came back from our night out and we were happy to cuddle and look after him! :D

I'll return shortly!



  1. Ooh I cannot wait to see photos of your flat! xx

  2. aw - more pics of the
    flat please - are you settling in ok?

  3. Oh a new wee flat great :)

    Hope all is well hun, feel ive not spoken to ya in yonks,

    Looking forward to the flat pics :) xx

  4. I hope you can show us your apartment soon!

    Your new flat-mate is soooo cute!!! I've always hoped a cat would follow me into my house so that I can have an excuse to take care of it!!!

    take care of the fluffy lovely thing!!!

  5. I can't wait for the flat photos i'm super nosey. I'm glad you're so happy there x

  6. The sleek palette is really pretty!

  7. Cute cat!! Love the red bowl too, can't wait to see pics of the new pad xx

  8. ..You make the sunset pallette look appealing - this is bad!

    Your flat looks really nice from what i can see! We just a got a new cat in the hood as well... would love to adopt it!

  9. haha ucte neoghbour !lol
    cant wait to see ur new flat !hehe

  10. Can't wait to see pics
    Did you join that site?

  11. i love the feel of moving into a new many ideas and lots of it is also a bonus that that little fuzzy thing is your neighbor too :)

  12. Awww loving the cat - what a great neighbour! I just tagged you also :) xo

  13. oh weeheee the cute catty! Our neighbour's cat would somehow sneak onto our balcony years ago, and my brother and I would always play with him for an hour first, before we returned it to them :P hahaha

    curious about the flat piccies!


  14. really excited for pics of the flat! I remember when I first moved out and how exciting it was..I miss those days haha!