Wednesday, 18 November 2009

New nail polishes

I saw that GOSH had three for two on in Superdrug recently and went to pick up a few things. I passed the Collection 2000 stand at the same time and saw the purple polish below - the writing has already rubbed off after being in my bag for two days so I can't tell you what colour it is! The two GOSH are Bright Passion and Holographic. I've seen these on a few blogs lately and thought they looked pretty good.

I painted my nails with the Collection 2000 colour as soon as I got home and was going to cover it with Bright Passion but loved the colour on its own so much that I left it. This was on the Monday. By the Tuesday night it had started to chip despite me wearing a top coat which left me a bit disappointed. I had a bit of a trauma in the shape of a spider behind my bed :0 I had to sleep on the sofa so that cancelled out any plans I had for making my nails look nice that night. On Wednesday I repainted the Collection 2000 and covered it with Bright Passion and I'm mad I didn't take a picture. It looked fab - until Thursday lunchtime when I noticed the entire thing had come of one nail! I redid it again on Thursday night and again, on Friday it had come off. I spent Friday night picking all the polish off while I watched Gavin and Stacey and it just peeled off - does anyone else find that with Collection 2000 polishes? Do they just peel off? I hate stuff like that, reminds me of being at school.

So on Saturday night I decided to use the Holographic GOSH polish - and I LOVE this.

Well, I love it as soon as it goes on. Because after a while it goes a bit like this:

And again, one of the nails had completely come off in the night. It is a really sheer colour and it looks pretty streaky - but I love it anyway. I love the colour and it's left me wanting to try out more of the holo type polishes.

I'm seriously considering getting a Konad because I'm getting excited looking at all the pictures of everyone doing the plates! Has anyone else tried any of these polishes?



  1. I hate it when polishes peel like that - I have asked for a konad for Christmas :)

  2. I bought the Gosh Holographic not long ago. It's beautiful but really doesn't last long :( It just kinda scratches off lol :-/ I recently got a Konad set but i'm not very good at it lol! It was set C. x

  3. The holographic one loks fab !! Shame about it chipping off ! My Barry M ones have been doing that of late ! So so anoying.. I must buy a top coat!

  4. Yaay you got them :D

  5. I have holographic, i love it when it goes on but it doesn't last at all and looks crap after several hours. So dissapointed x

  6. I love the Collection 2000 polish - I'm a convert of the Hot Looks range of polishes, everytime I go into Boots/Superdrug I come out with another!!

    Such a shame about the Holographic polish though.


  7. LOVE that Gosh it. Sorry about the peeling though...I slather on top coat and it still doenst always help. But I am using Essie right now and having good luck with it.

  8. are you using a base and top coat...i only have this problem when im not using a base and top coat. i really want that GOSH polish

  9. Those are pretty colors but i cant believe it doesnt last long! wow

  10. I 've been eyeing Holographic for quite some time now - sucks that it doesn't last that long...

    You should definitely get a Konad, but bear in mind that you need very pigmented nail polish for the designs to show!