Monday, 9 November 2009

Heads Up!

I popped in Superdrug earlier today and spotted this Garnier Spot Roll On almost half price - in Boots it retails at almost £9 and in Superdrug it is currently on offer for £4.33. I've raved about this before and honestly think it is amazing - I would defo pick one up if you don't already own one.



  1. I know my luck - if I bought one I would end up with the most massive spot! ;)

    Actually was thinking of you and your blog the other day, I got boots vouchers for my birthday and was doing a makeup splurge and thinking you would so know what would be best to buy! ;) Decided on some new urban decay stuff in the end :)

  2. Hey. Me again... answering your comment to my comment ;)

    Can't believe you haven't tried Urban Decay... write to them immediately and demand some free samples ;)

    I'm a wee bit of an addict for their stuff. The eyeshadows and pencils are just ace (the colours really 'pop') and they have a eyeshadow base thing that really is the business.

  3. Oops! Forget to say what I bought! Inkk for eyes... and their new eyeshadow pallette. (Will stop taking over your comments page now!!)

  4. Love this product, hope I can find it here in the states!!
    stop over at my blog I'm giving away a pretty handpainted necklace and I'll ship world wide

  5. Ooo, I've always wanted to try on those type of roll-on products but I hadn't read too many reviews about them. I'll try to find one at my local drugstore!

    1) Thought it was so cute that you watched 'Serendipity' and thought of me!
    2) Didja see the guy on the bus? Didja smile? Did ya? :DDDD