Monday, 19 October 2009

Whitby Part One


I started last week with hopes of posting everyday but life kind of got in the way! I'm a bit busy at the moment and all the editing with pictures and uploading not to mention Blogger still messing up all of the time (sort it out already!!) takes a bit of time but I am trying to get posts done when I can so I can just publish them as and when really. I wanted to do a post about Whitby, which as you know I spent the weekend there last week now and it is one of my favourite places in the whole world! I had a great time so hope you like some of these photos and my little talk about what went on. I do think blog as much for everyone else as I do myself and being a bit of a diary freak I'd like to look back in a year and remember what I did this time this year so I don't mind if you just skip read lol :)

So I had half day holiday on the Friday and had to do a bit of a rush pack, which actually turned out to be pretty useless as I didn't even unpack the whole time I was there lol. After making dinner for my mum and dad we set off down to Whitby which only took about an hour and half if that, it is usually a bit more. When we got there we had to wait around for the woman to let us in the flat which unfortunately I don't have any pictures of... It was a nice newish flat just near Whitby Hospital/Police Station/Train Station...somewhere amongst all of those! After we'd unpacked (or should I say after they unpacked while I just read my book) we went for a wander up and around Whitby, up to the Jaw Bones.

I love this picture! When you zoom on my laptop the guy is just looking at the girl and I think it is really cute (I'm not a stalker by the way, I didn't intentionally take a picture of strangers!) and sweet!

Last year, my Dad and Brother went up the Lighthouse but me and my mum were way too scared of the height...I kept thinking what if I was too scared to get back down! I love I've been up the Empire State Building but a lighthouse in Whitby, no can do. I also bought a ghost story book last year and there was a story about the Eastern Lighthouse (although it does actually say they are both rumoured to be haunted. See! What if a ghost had pushed me off when I reached the top! That's why I didn't go really!) The story about the Eastern Lighthouse, which has never been open for the public to see, unlike the other which opened around the time of the First World War, is about two brothers, Peter and John, who competed for the love of a seventeen year old girl, Sylvia Swales. Her father decided to pick which one she would marry based upon who worked the hardest that Summer. On Christmas Eve he decided the brother to bring in the biggest catch (as they were both fishermen) would marry Sylvia. By the time night fell, the lights from the lighthouse shone into the sea as people gathered to find out who would marry her, Peter or John? As the boys got closer and people chanted, they began to race each other and John was inn the lead. Sylvia shouted out "Come on Peter!" and her voice carried over the water - straight to John, who threw up his hands and threw himself into the sea. Peter immediately turned around and attempted a rescue mission, but the brothers were washed away and drowned. And in case you were wondering, Sylvia never married, and instead spent hours on end looking out to sea from the Eastern Lighthouse. The ghostly aspect? You can sometimes hear a noise...Peter.....Peter....or is it just the wind? Ooh I feel like a cheesy ghost writer now I've wrote all that. :)

On Saturday we went shopping again and for a gorgeous meal at The Shambles pub which is well worth a look (I should know, I am forced there every time I go) and then onto the Ghost Walk! Which was really rubbish and awful so we left after about half an hour without paying (which also meant I got to watch X Factor woop!!).

On Sunday we headed up to Robin Hoods Bay and the weather was brilliant. We had a look around the shops, went for a long walk on the beach, ate cinder toffee ice cream (yum) and it was a brilliant day. I took a picture of these which I thought were pretty cool:

Sunday night we got fish and chips and watched X Factor and some films and packed ready to set off early Monday morning. I was so tired I nearly fell asleep in the car, but not before I'd snapped pictures of these....

Which left me so excited for Halloween!

I'll do a part two with the things I bought.



  1. Looooove your pictures! Glad to hear you had a great time! :) And yes, I agree that pumpkins can get me excited, too. Halloween!!!! :D

  2. Your photos are brilliant - looks like you had a fab time! It looks gorgeous there. xx

  3. I've never been to Whitby but always wanted to. Looks like you had a great time, i love that pic of the couple! :)

  4. Ahh we use to go to Whitby all the time :)
    Love It! :)

  5. Lovely pictures! looks like a great time!

  6. Ahhh, I zoomed in on the photo of the couple- it's well cute! If only you knew the girl so you could send it to her!

    And yay for getting to watch X Factor- I know you were worried ;)

  7. Gorgeous pictures, i've never been to Whitby for some reason! x

  8. these are such beautiful pictures and what a great trip. and that picture of the guy staring at the girl with so much love is soo cute!!! i totally notice that in strangers as well. :)

  9. Never been to Whitby but it looks like a place I'd like to visit. You shared some great photos of your trip but I most enjoyed reading about the actual things you did especially about being afraid of the ghost. How very girlie lol!!! And you actually left without paying for the Ghost Walk, watch out, it'll definetly get you now!!!!!!!

  10. Laughing at your "I didn't intentionally take a picture of strangers!" comment... I believe you honest! ;)

    Looks like a lovely place... I've been once but it was to catch-up with a friend who lived there then so I didn't really see much of the place.

  11. I still haven't been to Whitby but I really want too. Looks like you had a great time!

  12. Whitby looks like my kind of place!
    What a sad story about Peter and John...maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere that parents are not always right when it comes to partners :)

  13. Lovely photos, it sounds like you had a fab trip! I have not been to Whitby in a long time ! This post has really made me want to visit again!

    The photo with the couple in is so sweet too!