Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tagged: Seven Things

I was tagged in the 'Seven Things' tag doing the rounds at the moment by a couple of different lovely bloggers. The colour picked was 'purple' which I found easy enough - I love purple, especially at this time of year!

Starting with make up, these are my probably my two favourite coloured eyeliners in my collection. The Body Shop one is so easy to work with - I find the 17 one a bit harder, being chunkier, but I still love the colour. (I tried to do swatches too but my camera just wasn't having it!)

For about 5 years now I have desperatly wanted some Ugg Boots in what I call 'plum' colour. They used to do them as well and I can't for the life of me find the right colour nowadays - they still do purple ones but not plum. Carrie Bradshaw wore them in an episode with a long Pringle jumper and it is one of my favourite outfits in the entire series. I saw these in Asda the other night for £8 and I had to pick them up - I am going to mooch around in my new apartment in them and look cool. :)

I have quite a collection of purple bangles but when I was taking the pictures these are what stood out to hand. The big chunky one is gorgeous - only from Primark too.

I'm going to do the bathroom in my apartment purple and I picked up these tea light holders to go in there on Tuesday from Asda. They were only £2 each and are better IRL, the colour is more wishy washy in this picture. :/

I'm so mad - I've just remembered that I have again forgotten to pick more of this up and I need it for tomorrow morning! I will have to use talcum powder instead! I think I used half a can of this last Friday, it's so good!

A brilliant (and one of my all time favourite) film and just in time for the right season too!! I can't wait to watch this this year - I used to want to be SJP and sing that song: Come little children, I'll take you away, into the land of enchant--mentttt!

I hope you people know that I forced myself to buy these today just to take a picture of the empty packet for this post!! Gorgeous sweets. Taste so much better when in a big 'share' (yeah, right) bag too!

I tag:

You know the items of my chosen colour...I'm going to go for red!



  1. ahah I have the same big bangle from Primark, only in deep blue! Don't you just love it? ;)

  2. Hahaha gotta love choclate buttons! I buy them for the kids... but mummy always has some too :P


  3. I had my first choc button in aaaaaages last night - i want more!!

  4. Too funny about Hocus Pocus!! I always wanted to be SJP too! I used to "play" it with my neighbors when I was a little girl, but since I'm a redhead (and we had the blonde and brunette) I was always Bette Midler XD I freakin love that movie!!

  5. You have cute stuff! I love the bangals!

    I've got OPI dark purple polish on my toes right now! :-)

  6. I love purple eyeliner - brings out the green in my hazel eyes.

  7. Ohh thanks for the tag, i'll do it tomorrow night. Gotta love choc buttons. We really need to arrange a meet soon x

  8. @ Lydia ~ Ooh that sounds nice, never saw a blue one! xx

    @ Jo ~ this made me LOL at work when I read your comment!! xx

    @ Phoebe ~ Oh god, I bought two big bags today! xx

    @ Lisa Kate ~ Aww cool!!! I can remember loads of lines from it, I always want to quote it! xx

    @ KC ~ Aw thanks chick! xx

    @ Lenore ~ I wish I had green eyes, I bet it looks fab xx

    @ Em ~ Def!! :D xx

  9. Thanks for the tag. Hope the moves goes well and yey for Hocus Pocus. It was one of my fave films as a kid

  10. Lol, cute tag!
    Love that you included a bit of Cadbury to your purples! ;)))


  11. Chocolate buttons- nom nom nom.

    I've got my 7 red things ready for tonight! xxx