Tuesday, 6 October 2009


The bestie is going to New York this week so I've been having a gander at some things I think I need that I either can't get here or are cheaper there. What do you think?

From MAC Style Black Collection

Gilt by Association
Young Punk
Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

Studio Tech Foundation - def need this as have almost run out of mine. It doesn't last very long!

Greasepaint Stick B (Can't remember the collection - I'm adding this later to posting!)


219 Pencil Brush
190 Foundation Brush
116 Blush Brush

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat - is this cheaper over there or around the same price?

Barbie Loves Stella All Doll'd Up Palette

Nars - Belle de Hour Lipstick - really want this!

Is there any other recommendations people have or anything you care to add about the other products mentioned - I'm not set on them so I would love to know what you think of them - or any other make up brand? I need recs fast please!!

Cheers lovlies xx


  1. seche vite is cheaper online imo. once tax is added and the current exchange rate kicks in many products arnt really cheaper :( x

  2. Most of SB is sold out in a lot of the busy stores and you want the 'most wanted' products. I'd personally ring up MAC and get them NOW before it goes live online on Thurs. B is from Dsquared2.

    TBH unless you have a Pro card then buying MAC at the mo stateside really isn't saving you THAT much cos of the current exchange rate which hasn't been the same since last Spring.

    I paid $8.99 + tax (8. sumthin) for Seche Vite.

    OPI & Essie is $8+ in Duane Reade. Limited shades avail instore.

    The Revlon press on nails are $7.99 - cheaper than over here

    Def get the Stila palette. I LOVE mine! Tell her not to bother going to the new Sephora at 42nd St Times Sq), it's crap, small and doesn't have Stila and is missing other brands too. The branch at 34th St (opposite Macys) is well stocked. Best to go in the morning before it gets all manic.

    The Sephora professional airbrush # 55 would be a good buy too ($34). Essence of Beauty brushes are quite good for heir price too. They can be found in CVS.

    There's also a new Carmex that is out. I saw an ad in People mag when I was on the plane coming back *rolls eyes* It's shaped like a mattene lipstick!

  3. I went to get mac gilt.. today, sold out!
    There's opi which is super cheap, and clothes? Forever21
    Then all i can think of is make up forever and sephora stuff, i like sephora's own make up :)

    Can't wait to see what you get!

  4. also get the mac blackfire lipglass it's wonderful

  5. Rimmel lasting finish foundation, lasts allllll day and night! thank you for your comments on my blog :) www.dazedyoungmess.blogspot.com

  6. So jealous! Have fun

    Kate x

  7. Woah, Yinka's got it covered! Hope you get some nice stuff brought back for you!

  8. I tagged you :)


  9. you know than i do about cosmetics than i do...:)
    what is your friend doing ny...my sister lived there for 6 years...i love that city!

  10. May I recommend a pound of cookie dough? Really...awesome stuff... a teaspoon of tumeric too! Wooweeeee!